Final Tally of Blastocysts

I felt tremendous peace last night and this morning.  I knew that we were covered in prayers.  We prayed last night before bed and this morning when Bob woke up at 5:30am for his run.  We prayed for the embryos to grow well, and prayed for God’s perfect number of embryos.  The nervousness that I felt was almost all gone.  If it is in God’s plan for us to have just those three embryos, I choose to be grateful and joyful about it.  If His plan is for us to have more, He will provide.  This peace enabled me to sleep through the night.  God is amazing and prayers are amazing.

Usually Dr. E would write me between 10am and 12pm.  I was in and out of my office the whole morning.  Every hour I came back to check my email, there would be nothing.  After my last client in the morning, I came back to my desk at noon and gmail still had no new message.  Suddenly Dr. E’s email popped up.  The title said, “Today’s report :)”.  I like anything that Dr. E wrote with a smiley face.  She said, “Another 3 beauties today, maybe 4!  Total 6-7 beautiful blasts.  Exciting!!”

What a relief!  The attached fertilization report showed that on day 6 (today) at 6:21am, there were one 5AB and two 5BBs.  There were also four 3CCs and one 2BB-.  I don’t quite know what that minus means.  It seemed to me like the lab would check on the lesser grade blastocysts to see if they would grow more.

Later this afternoon, Dr. E’s email confirmed that we have a total of three embryos biopsied and frozen today.  That brings the tally to a total of six blastocysts.  She said this about the rest of the embryos: “The others were not viable i.e. no chance for pregnancy.  The cells stopped growing and dividing when they checked again this afternoon.”

Praise the Lord that we have three additional ones!

The PGS testing results will be available in a week.  I emailed Dr. E to tell her that I would prefer not to know the gender of the embryos.  She said that she doesn’t tell the gender, that’s why she would like to meet with patients to go over the results if that’s possible.  She is so nice.  Her assistant said that the clinic typically doesn’t see patients on Friday afternoon, but Dr. E was happy to make an exception for me.  So next Friday September 16 in the afternoon we’ll find out how many of our embryos are normal.

I know that we don’t have as many blastocysts as our donor’s previous cycles, but I am super grateful for us to have these six to work with.  I am hopeful that some of these are normal and one or two of them will become our future child(ren).

We have Penny, Quentin, and Ruby joining us.  A total of six.  This is such a milestone that is worth celebrating!

P.s. I vetoed Bob’s suggestion of naming our “P” embryo “Pringles”.


13 thoughts on “Final Tally of Blastocysts

  1. So glad u have peace. What a wonderful number. I have been following your updates and our numbers were close to yours each update. We had 18 mature eggs retrieved, and by day 5 we had 8 viable embryos to freeze. So excited for you.


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