And Then We Have 17

It’s me again.

I again woke up at 4 something.  This time I had a hard time falling asleep.  Not that I was worried about anything.  Just couldn’t go back to sleep.

I knew that Dr. E was going to update us, but we didn’t know what time.  And we weren’t really anxious for a report.

She is so good though.  She wrote us in the morning.  Subject line was a smiley face.  I knew that it would be good news.

This is the message:

“Good morning!  We have 17 normally fertilized eggs today.  18 mature, 17 fertilized normally.  This is 1 embryo more than the last family had on day 1 .  I’m very very happy!  Next update = on Monday!  I’ll be in touch then.  Thank you.”

When we got the email, we were in the middle of watching Season 7 of Gilmore Girls.  So we paused and looked at each other.  We have 17 embryos!

That’s good news, right?

But then, Bob was a bit worried.  Last time we had 10 fertilized eggs that were from frozen donor eggs.  They all fertilized on day 1, but they were dropping like flies on day 3.  The difference is, last time we didn’t use PICSI and those were frozen eggs.  This time we used fresh eggs plus sperm chosen from PICSI.  It should make a difference right?

So more emails to Dr. E.

Me: “This is normal, right?  18 mature out of the eggs we had?  But yeah, I will take this as good news!”

Dr. E: “Very.  Exactly what she has every time.”

Me: “Bob is wondering about his sperm quality, if it’ll affect how the embryos grow.  I think he’s just a little worried.”

Dr. E: “Looked great.  I don’t have the analysis report yet, but anytime sperm looks poor, they always tell me.”

Me: “Okay.  We’ll try to breathe and celebrate for this news today!”

Dr. E: “For sure.  I know you trust me, but you can trust that if there’s anything to worry about, I’ll let you know.”

So there you go.  This is our fertilization report.  We will have our day three report on Monday.

If Dr. E is “very very happy”, we should be very very happy too.

I counted the number of follicles our donor had on trigger day.  There were 18 follicles that were 13mm or bigger.  Those must have been her 18 mature eggs.

Praise the Lord for this milestone!

I am still slightly nervous because of all our past problems, failures, and struggles.  But this is a brand new territory of using a new method for sperm selection and young fresh donor eggs.  Waiting is hard, but I will take it one day at a time.  So we have decided to celebrate this victory today.

Riesling, anyone?


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