Beginning of Our New Donor Egg Cycle

I have been writing about our gestational carrier Annie, and I seem to have neglected to talk about our donor.  We’ll call her Serena.

I’d say Serena is my favorite out of all the donors that we have come across.  I feel very fortunate that we have found her, and we have Dr. E to thank for her.  Dr. E has worked with her twice in the past and highly recommends her.

About a month ago, Dr. E contacted me regarding Serena’s calendar.  Dr. E had to be mindful of Bob’s sper.m situation and Serena’s timeline.  Apparently Serena can’t do a retrieval from the first week of September to December due to work-related trips and other things.  And we have to allow Bob to take his supplements for two whole months before we use his sper.m to fertilize the donor eggs.  Finally Dr. E came up with a calendar with August 31st as the tentative retrieval day.  August 31st does not work for me due to a presentation that I have to give.  I know I am not needed in this whole procedure because I don’t contribute to the eggs or the sper.m, so technically I don’t need to go to the clinic on the day of the retrieval.  However, I still want to be included in the process and to accompany Bob to give his sample.  Dr. E pushed the calendar out one more day.  The new tentative date is September 1st.  Serena was to stop birth control pills on August 17th, and her baseline appointment with Dr. E was supposed to be yesterday, August 22nd.

I emailed Dr. E over the weekend to ask if Serena was still on track for her baseline appointment.  Somehow I had some irrational fear that her period didn’t come after she stopped birth control pills.  Dr. E confirmed that yes, Serena was all set for her baseline appointment.  When I went to bed on Sunday, another irrational thought came to my mind.  What if she had a cyst? If she did, then we couldn’t move on with this cycle.  Since she can’t do a retrieval after September 6th, we’d have to wait until January.  I guess it is easy to let the mind go to dark places when we are so used to not-so-good news.

I woke up and prayed.  I prayed for peace and for Jesus to take hold of my mind.  Most of the day I was calm.  My mind did go back to that fear of something going wrong, but I could mostly think about God’s plan and His sovereignty and to focus on work.  I didn’t hear from Dr. E at all throughout the day.  I knew that Serena probably had her scan done in the morning, but the estradiol results would not be back until the afternoon.  Dr. E emailed me regarding Annie’s blood work and urine sample but didn’t mention about Serena.  That was late afternoon.  I didn’t want to ask any questions because if there was bad news I would have been told already, right?  But Bob wanted to know.  So I emailed Dr. E about the donor.  I think we were emailing each other at the same time because I got her email right after I hit “send”.  This is what she said, “Donor looked awesome today.   Estradiol 45.  She’s ready to start!”

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am!  We have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.  We booked this donor back in March.  We thought that we could start legal paperwork with her in May.  Then one delay after another with the condition of my uterus and Bob’s sper.m issues.  In the mean time we were trying to find a gestational carrier.  These few months were very eventful and difficult for us.  To finally get to this point of starting meds and looking at a retrieval in a bit more than a week, it is very egg-citing (as my friend Jane Allen puts it)!

I didn’t ask anything about the details like how many antral follicles or whatever.  I will just be ignorant about it and focus on the end goal of making some great embryos and having a baby.

What a great start of a new beginning!


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