MicroblogMondays: Father’s Day


This is the fifth Father’s Day since my husband and I started trying for a baby.  And it is the fifth Father’s Day that he is still waiting for a baby that he can call his child.  We skipped Mother’s Day this year as it was too much for me to be there after the news of needing a surrogate.  The day before Father’s Day, Bob told me that he wanted to skip church so that he wouldn’t have to sit there and listen to the Father’s Day acknowledgement during service.  Instead, he went with his dad to Ocean Beach.  They enjoyed the sunshine and spent some quality time together.  It was a very special and precious bonding time as the last time they spent Father’s Day together was seven years ago when his parents came to visit.  That was when we first started dating. It took them five years after we got married to come to terms with our marriage and agree to a visit to the States.  Bob was super happy that he got to spend his Father’s Day with his own dad this year.  It made not having a child hurt a bit less.  We have been working on hiring a surrogate and hoping for a transfer in the next few months.  If everything goes smoothly, my husband may be able to celebrate his Father’s Day next year with his own baby in his arms.  Maybe then his father can visit again and make it a celebration for three generations.  That would be such a wonderful moment.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make it happen?


13 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Father’s Day

  1. So glad you did something different this father’s day. I find it’s important to not let these days (that are essentially totally invented for making money) overwhelm you. And exciting news on the surrogate. How easy/hard is it to find one? I’m thinking that we might need to consider that option in the future.


  2. I really hope next year is your year. You have waited long enough. It is time. Also, I am glad you guys were able to do something to cope with fathers day. It is never easy. I totally get that!


  3. Oh, that would be nice. I’m glad both you and your husband took time for yourselves on your Days, his day with his dad sounds lovely. I so hope all goes well with the surrogacy process!


  4. Sending you all my best wishes that your in-laws’ visit will continue to be a source of comfort to you both and that the next Father’s Day turns out just as you envisioned. I join the other commenters in agreeing heartily with your decision to spend this Father’s Day exactly as you did.


  5. That sounds like an excellent Father’s Day. There’s so much emphasis on these days, that give so much hurt to so many people. I’m hoping for many more happy Father’s Days for your husband, his dad, and you.


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