MicroblogMondays: Maternity Dress


Back in October before our first donor egg transfer, I was looking for a piece of maternity clothing items to put in my closet as a token of my belief that I’d pregnant one day.  I couldn’t find anything that I liked at a brick and mortar store.  It was suggested to me that I could try this particular store online.  Things are pricier but look great.

I subscribed to the mailing list and get an email occasionally for deals.  It is a little silly to be getting emails for a maternity clothing store when I am not anywhere near pregnant.  But as long as I can stand seeing pregnant women on an email, I figure I can keep on getting these updates.

Two days prior to my meeting with my former RE Dr. E who revealed to me that I might need a surrogate, I ordered this maternity dress not knowing that I might never wear it during a pregnancy.  It was on sale and I used a $15 off coupon.

I had mixed emotions when I received the dress a few days later.  It was meant to be a motivation for me to keep my faith that one day I would be pregnant.  With this new development, I didn’t know if I would ever make use of the dress.

FullSizeRender (1)


I tried it on and it fit me perfectly, even though I don’t have a pregnancy bump.  After a lot of consideration, I decided to keep the dress.

I hope it serves as a reminder that, although I sometimes have little faith, God is bigger than any of my doubts and fears.  His plans for us are unfathomable.  Despite our current roadblocks, we don’t know what the future holds.  One day I may put this dress into good use.


12 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Maternity Dress

  1. When I was childless, I would pick up clearance clothes in the maternity section because they were so comfortable.
    That being said, I hope that you get to wear that dress.


  2. I’m believing with you that you will wear that dress for its intended purpose and you will rock that bump like no body else! I find it interesting that you ordered this as an act of faith a few days before getting a difficult diagnosis. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m believing that diagnosis is not the final say. Your testimony is going to be that much more amazing when it finally comes to pass. I’m praying with you, Isabelle! XOXO


  3. My grandmother had taught me to crochet a baby blanket (don’t ask me how to do it now) back in about 1979. It has all rainbow colors so it would fit for a boy or girl. I didn’t get married until 2003 and then first started TTC but I kept that blanket neat and safe the whole time. If it gives you comfort and is a reminder of hope which it sounds like it is, keep it! (& don’t be alarmed that it fits now! I believe you’re supposed to buy your regular size!) Sending lots of love & good vibes to the dress!!! A whole new meaning to “dress for success” xo


  4. Gorgeous dress! I love that it fits you as is and you can wear it and enjoy it no matter which way your journey takes you. I have a diaper bag that I received at my adoption baby shower at school in September (because I thought it was highly probable we’d be matched during the school year…but there’s only 9 weeks left), and when we went away for a weekend I USED THE DIAPER BAG, not for it’s original purpose but because it is pretty and has many pockets and makes a great weekend bag now, as is, regardless of our outcome. Hooray to embracing the now and hoping for the future, and not letting all this ambiguity taint a beautiful dress (or bag).


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