The Lu.pron Saga Continued

The Lu.pron saga continued.

Me being me, I called Fed.ex to make sure that the direct signature requirement was removed from the delivery.  The lady on the phone told me

  • Nope the request is not honored, so a direct signature is still required at the time of delivery
  • It says on the request that Isabelle was the one who requested for it, not the pharmacy, so therefore it was not honored
  • She could ask for the package to be sent and held at a nearby facility, but it sometimes takes 24 hours to process, so I may not be able to pick it up tonight
  • The window of delivery was set at 11:05 and 2:45pm
  • There is nothing she can do to change anything

At that point, I was super annoyed and frustrated.  Why tell me that the shipper could change the signature requirement if it wasn’t going to be honored?  I need the meds tonight.  I needed to make a quick decision to figure out what to do.  That involved canceling a couple of clients and bringing work home for the rest of the day.  Fortunately, everybody was very understanding of my situation.  All the parents were good as I rescheduled them for another time.  My supervisor was understanding although I didn’t really tell her what was going on.

I figured if I left then, I could arrive home between the window of delivery.  As I pulled onto the street before I would make a turn to go home, I saw a Fed.ex truck making a turn somewhere.  I literally got a glimpse of it.  That was 15 minutes before the beginning of the delivery window.  My instinct told me that the truck came to my house already.   I pulled into my driveway, ran over to my door, and saw the door tag.  I grabbed it quickly, jumped back into my car, and drove to the direction of the truck.  Of course I didn’t see it at the intersection where I had seen it earlier.  I drove down this long road and made a decision to turn right and right again.  Don’t ask me how I knew but I just tried.  And there it was, the Fed.ex truck.  The guy just walked out from a house so I drove up to him, told him that I missed his delivery, and handed him the door tag.  He gave me the package and let me sign his little hand device.

Phew.  The one thing that I was afraid of was that I did all of this for nothing, rushing home finding that I had already missed the guy.

At least I caught him and now that box of Lu.pron is sitting on my kitchen counter.

Drama drama drama.  I guess it makes a good story now there is a happy ending?


14 thoughts on “The Lu.pron Saga Continued

  1. Holy crap, and I thought I had prescription problems! I’ve never had to chase down a delivery truck! Good for you for being so proactive, but I’m sorry you had to do it at all.


  2. This is really crappy!. I would have been frustrated and super stressed out!.I am glad everything worked out good. Similar thing happened to me for my Ovidrel trigger shot today. Dr told me to take it on monday morning. I called Walgreens and they found it as a speciality drug which needs to be gone through benefits program to get it approved. This will delay the ovidrel pick up and we will not be able to get it on monday as per the pharmacist. Finally we made 20-25 calls to CVS pharmacy directly to get it approved and shipped to home on Fedex Air tomorrow, so that we can take it on monday morning. It spoiled our friday and it was really frustrating.


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