The Lu.pron Saga

My nurse’s calendar for my test transfer and biopsies for the Endometrial Receptivity Array test (ERA test) dictates that I start Lu.pron tomorrow.  I have been kind of in a funk lately, so I had put off ordering it until Tuesday.  I was sick at home with some sort of sinus infection and running nose, and really didn’t feel like doing anything.  However, I am not one who waits until the last moment (namely Thursday) to order my meds.  So I finally gathered enough motivation to search online for the pricing of this very expensive medication.

A few months ago when I did my first DE transfer, I bought Lu.pron from Ave.lla, which offered the cheapest price back then.  It was about $189, $10 cheaper than other places.  That cycle failed.  I needed to transfer our last frozen embryo in February.  At that time, the price over at this pharmacy went exponentially higher.  It was almost $100 more expensive than the original price.  I was appalled by the price gouging and went ahead and ordered from Fre.edom Pharmacy, which still offered the medication at right below $200.

An internet search showed that at the current time, Fre.edom offers Lu.pron at $239.99 if you don’t purchase Gonadotropin at the same time.  I called Ave.lla just for giggles and almost fell off my chair when I heard the price quote.  Are you ready for it?

It had the audacity to ask for $445 for the same meds that others are charging for almost half.

This pharmacy still offers the cheapest PIO and estrogen patches, so I will eventually order some from it.  But, can you imagine paying $445 for the Lu.pron?

A few phone calls around showed that Fre.edom still had the cheapest price.  So I went ahead and ordered from them.

That was more than what I wanted to do on that one sick day.

I was asked when I needed to do the injection.  It’s going to be Friday but I always try to play it safe.  I asked for the meds to be delivered on Thursday at work.  The guy put me on hold.  Later he returned and said that most meds require a direct signature, but this particular doesn’t because it’s not a controlled substance.  However, since I was sending it to work and there is always someone there to sign, we would just leave the direct signature requirement there.  I tripled checked with him that the meds would arrive at my office on Thursday.  Then I went my merry way to take a nap and nurse my illness.

Everything is fine, right?


Today, I clicked on the Fe.dex tracking number included in the automatic email from Fre.edom.  I looked at the destination and was shocked to see that the city it would be delivered to was my home, not my work.  In other words, someone over at Fre.edom messed up my shipping address.  Guess what?  Nobody was going to be home to receive that package.

Furious, I called Fe.dex to request for the delivery to come between 6 and 8 pm because it said there that the guarantee delivery is before 8pm.  At least I could rush home right after work to wait for the package. The customer service person entered my request and got my phone number.  That was about 11am.  I inquired about removing the signature requirement.  He told me that the shipper has to request it.

When I checked my phone in the afternoon, a Fe.dex person from my local facility called and left a message.  He basically said that the package was on the truck heading to my residence and they could not honor the request for a late delivery.  In the voice mail, he gave me an address of a Fe.dex facility that I could go to pick up the package tonight between 8 and 11:30pm.

It was so frustrating that I had to spend more time calling around getting answers.  I called the Fe.dex mainline again.  Then I was told a different address of a different facility that the package would be held tonight and was given a window of 8 pm and 8:30pm to pick it up.  Are you kidding me?  Half an hour?  Yes, the package wouldn’t be back at the facility until 8pm and the facility closes at 8:30pm.

I thanked the Fe.dex representative and hung up.  Then I discovered that my next (and last) client of the day canceled.  Good.  I had the time to call Fre.edom.

I was put on hold for 13 minutes.  THIRTEEN MINUTES!  Good thing I had the time.  But what a waste of time.  I could use it for something better.

I explained to the Fre.edom representative what happened.  Then I was put on hold for another I don’t know how many minutes.  Finally the guy said that he had contacted Fe.dex and now the signature requirement had been removed. So the package will be delivered to my home address tomorrow without a signature needed from a live person.  He gave me a case number and I was told that there was nothing else I needed to do at that point.

I told the representative that I hoped that this wouldn’t happen again in the future.  How could they make a mistake like that?  He explained that whoever took my order did write down the shipping address as my work address.  However, for the label, the order person did not double check it to make sure it was the same as requested.  Okay, thanks for the explanation, but I was thinking, where is the apology?  As a company, shouldn’t someone apologize for the inconvenience it has caused me even though this particular representative was not the one who made a mistake?

But nope, no apology.  He was courteous.  But there was nothing like, I am so sorry this happened.

It’s so infuriating that you pay money for services and people just don’t care.


9 thoughts on “The Lu.pron Saga

  1. How stressful. I feel like this whole road is so hard that when the little stuff that should be easy is hard it takes all our strength not to let it break us. I am doing an ERA test too at some point. Will be curious to see how it goes for you. Xo


  2. How frustrating! I’ve had my share of issues with freedom pharmacy and while luckily it worked out in the end, it’s such an unnecessary stress. The hold times are ridiculous – I’ve waited 15 min on hold just to refill an order. Sorry you had to go through that!


  3. Sorry you are frustrated with Freedom. This is so stressful! I had a great experience with Freedom and was annoyed when they called to verify the address for my many shipments. Guess I know why they did that now.


    • I actually had had great experience with Freedom until now. I mean, I will still order from it with the right prices, but I will triple check and tell the person on the phone to triple check to confirm the shipping label.


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