Still Waiting…

I called every hour and was told that there were still no results.  I finally asked to be connected to the advice nurse who connected me to the local lab.  I spoke to a lady in the lab.  She was very nice.  She went and checked for me.  Then she told me that my OB/GYN DIDN’T order STAT like the last few times.  The blood got sent to a regional facility (probably in the same area) instead of the lab across the street from where I got my blood drawn.  SO WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE RESULTS WILL COME IN!!!

I do not understand why my OB didn’t order STAT like last time.  So I will have to call my insurance’s 24-hour line hourly to check if the results are back yet.  And I WILL BE CALLING every hour.  This is nuts…..

This is seriously one of the longest and more torturous wait ever.  I have hardly done any work today.  My calm and peace went out the window.  But now that I know I will have to wait, I just wait.

Please pray that I will be at peace and calm until we get the results.


10 thoughts on “Still Waiting…

  1. Absurd you have to wait like this. Hoping it will all feel like it was nothing and so worth it! I have been checking WordPress for an update from you all day so I can only imagine how you feel!!


  2. Omg. That has actually happened to me before. I know exactly how frustrating it is. I’m sorry you have to wait after all the convincing you had to do to get Friday’s beta. I’m hoping good things come to those who wait.😉


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