It’s Over

The value is less than two.  I honestly do not understand.

I am devastated and heartbroken.

Why does the suffering continue?

I have no answers.


42 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. I’m devastated for you isabelle. I really thought this was your time. It’s probably too soon to think about the next steps but I’m investigating immune issues to help understand why I keep falling pregnant and then miscarrying, even with donor eggs. Perhaps there might be some value in that for you in terms of understanding why implantation is not occurring. A thought for a later time. For now, a big hugxxx


  2. My heart breaks for you.. I’m so sorry. There is no explanation and life is just so unfair sometimes. Sending you massive hugs and extra prayers in the coming days. xoxo


  3. I’m so sorry the answer is No, again. Why, why such hurt and suffering. Why can things not turn out they way we all think they should. No answers, just abiding.


  4. So sad and angry for you. You deserve so much success and happiness. Take the time to grieve. Regroup with your doctor. Get a second opinion if you need to. But it’s not over. You will get to the other side of this journey. We will keep the faith while you grieve.

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  5. I’m so so very sorry. I just don’t understand this either. It’s so unbelievable and unfair and it just breaks my heart. Sending you a huge hug.


  6. I’m so so sad to read this and so sorry. It is all so unfair to you and Bob. You are both so lovely and I wish things had been different… sending you the biggest hug and lots of love from across the pond xxx


  7. I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine why this has happened again. I hope your Dr is able to give you some answers. WBTL had a good thought there. I know you probably aren’t ready for next steps yet but there must be an answer somewhere….


  8. Oh no… I am so sorry for this horrible loss. Life is just cruel far too often. I apologize for being behind and commenting on a previous post just now only to see this news… I am thinking of you as you attempt to wrap your mind around this turn of events. It just doesn’t make sense. Wishing you peace and healing at this time of loss and bewilderment.


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  10. I’m so sorry. I have been in your shoes and know how gut-wrenching it is. We took off 7 mos after DE2 was a early m/c. It was hard to pick up the pieces and start over. Be gentle with yourself right now.


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