Fortune Cookie

I had lunch with a friend at our favorite Chinese restaurant today.

I picked up one of the fortune cookies.  There were two different slips there.  The first one I saw was this:

Wow!  Again, I don’t believe in these things, but out of all the many many thousands of fortune cookies out there, it is for sure very timely to get this particular one!

The second one in the same fortune cookie says: “Long life with blessings of family and friends is yours.”

But I like the one in the picture much much better!

Tomorrow is the day!  May it be an exciting time for me and Bob!


14 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie

  1. I don’t believe in fortune cookies either but J and I got very interesting ones right before my successful IVF cycle too. I’m pretty sure we had more than a few but we put the ones we liked on the fridge.


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