Welcoming Lucy Home

Praise the Lord that today was a great day.  🙂

I woke up to my Fac.ebook friends showing pictures of themselves and their children all wearing red and hearts on their nails, socks, shirts, pants, and even underpants!  The love was overflowing with all these pictures and notifications on my page.  I am just so grateful for them.  The happiness continued for the rest of the morning.  The possibility of Lucy failing the thaw crossed my mind a couple of times.  But majority of the time my thoughts were calm and happy.  After breakfast, I made bone broth and dinner for tonight, cleaned the kitchen, cut my pineapple, wiped the floor, did bible study, and even did yoga!  I finished all of this before noon!  It was such a productive morning and a great way to help myself focus on other things.


Look at my bone broth and Thai curry cooking.

I took my Val.ium at 2pm and emptied my bladder at that time before I started filling it again.  I saw Dr. Dry Humor going in and out of transfer rooms.  I then remembered that my nurse and I never confirmed Dr. No Nonsense doing my transfer.  However, I was feeling at peace with whoever it would be to do my transfer.  It’d be great if my RE did it, but if not, Dr. Dry Humor would be equally good.

My trusted acupuncturist was on time and pleasant.  She took such a good care of me with the pre-transfer session, laying blankets on me and making sure that I was comfortable.  My pulse felt great and strong to her, and I didn’t feel anxious at all.  As long as I didn’t get a phone call prior to the transfer from the clinic, I knew that Lucy must have thawed well.  She said that my pulse showed that I was calm and happy.  Unlike last time, the transfer room was silent without any light jazz.  I was lying there, being still and all by myself with the dimmed lights.  Only me and God.  Well, and also the embryology lab separated by a door.  They are a happy bunch.  I could hear so much laughters coming from that closed door.  Anyhow, God and I had a conversation.  I was talking to Him about how happy I was that we got to that point, with gratitude for my peace and strength.  I drifted in and out of consciousness, listening to the people next doors, and talking with God.  My acupuncturist came in a couple of times to adjust the needles for me.

Transfer time came.  Bob and I sat and waited, both at peace and happy.  He was still sporting his Batman shirt but I had on my ridiculously pink heart socks, and I didn’t care!  I was proud of them.


Even Dr. Dry Humor was commenting on how cute they were. Haha.  Oh yeah, so no Dr. No Nonsense, but I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Was just going with the flow.  Lying there, I felt at peace.  Dr. Dry Humor was very different from Dr. Scrubs last time.  She explained everything.  But he didn’t.  He did tell me that he was cleaning the mucous away.  The nurse’s ultrasound probe was on my bladder.  It was then that I knew that I did drink enough water.

Here is Lucy the embryo:

FullSizeRender 2

In Dr. Dry Humor’s words, “It’s looking good!”  We told him that the embryo was called Lucy.  When he was done cleaning my mucous, the green light came on above the door that led to the embryology lab.  On the overhead screen, my name showed up on an enlarged petri dish.  Lucy showed up on the screen:


Then the screen was zooming out.  A catheter came into the picture and sucked Lucy into it.  Moments later, the embryologist came in and handed Dr. Dry Humor the catheter.


Lucy was placed inside my uterus.  She is safely home.  I was very relieved and pleased that the procedure went so well.

After it was done, we waited for a few moments before the green light above the door went off.  Dr. Dry Humor congratulated us.  He placed both his hands on my legs and said he hoped that we didn’t have to name any more embryos with a name that starts with “M”.  I thanked him for his thought.

Lying there for my post-transfer acupuncture session, I was full of gratitude.  I spoke with Lucy about how about we love it.  How much we want it to join us in about 38 weeks.  I visualized a baby that was just born and was placed on my chest on the first time, all gooey and needing some cleaning.  But I didn’t care.  I just held on to him/her.  This was what I was thinking lying there in the dark.  I also prayed to God that I would raise this child to love Him.  It was a sweet, private, precious time that I got to spend with God and Lucy.

Bob and I celebrated by going to our favorite coffee shop.  He got his coffee and I got a hot chocolate.  I still went to my bible study tonight.  The most touching thing was when I walked into my room and saw all the ladies that I lead, they told me they wanted to pray for me. So they surrounded me, laid their hands on me, and prayed for God’s will for Lucy and for me and Bob.  I just felt so loved by people surrounding me.

So here we are.  Day one of our Lucy being home.  I hope that she stays there for the next 38 or 39 or so weeks.  May God’s will be done.


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