The Lining is Ready!

I meant to write an update, but I have been swamped the last two days.  So here it is!

Right before my ultrasound, I met with my nurse for her to go over my consent.  Unlike the consent for the donor cycle which was about 30 pages requiring both of our initials on every single page, sometimes multiple ones per page, this consent form was underwhelmingly simple.  Maybe 5 pages tops, with two initials and one signature per person.

I was pantless waiting at the ultrasound room for a whopping 25 minutes.  Thank goodness for a smart phone and friends and husband online.  Otherwise, I don’t know what I would have done.  My one and only favorite nurse practitioner came in.  She got right to business.  I spread my legs, lay down, and just watched the screen. She was searching for over a minute for my lining.  She was looking and looking and looking some more.  I was waiting and waiting and waiting some more.  The most amazingly thing is, I was just waiting patiently.  No anxiety.  No worries.  Just watching and waiting quietly.  I didn’t even ask any questions.  I don’t know where this calmness came from.  Well, I do know.  And I thank God for that.  Because of my fibroid, she sometimes has a hard time finding my lining.  This was probably the longest that had taken her.  The measurement from the vaginal ultrasound was 7.4mm.  Not impressive, but passed the minimum requirement of 7mm.  The NP assured me that 7mm and 10mm do not yield different results.  I nodded and felt at peace about it.  She went ahead to confirm the measurement with an abdominal ultrasound.  We have been doing this almost every single time.  Because the view was unobstructed by the fibroid, she could get a quick, better, and clearer measurement.  Once she saw the lining, she exhaled a sigh of relief, and declared a measurement of 9.2mm!  Wow I didn’t know that different views could yield such different results.  And she finally commented on how beautiful the trilaminar pattern of the lining looked with this view.  Looks like the estrogen patches and my body are both doing their jobs well.

What the NP said next was music to my ears.  She said, “Remind me when you come in for your pregnancy ultrasound not to look with the vaginal probe for too long, knowing that the fibroid is blocking the view of the fundal area, which is where the embryo should be.”  I smiled and told her how happy I was that she sounded so optimistic.  She said she was definitely hopeful for this.  It’s just lovely to have professionals around you who are so optimistic and rooting for you.

I met with another nurse who is responsible for scheduling procedures.  She presented the schedule to me and asked which date I would like the transfer to be.  I somehow wanted a Tuesday but she said there were already three transfers on that day.  I didn’t want to wait until Wednesday so I opted for Monday, the first day of the window.  As she was filling the dates for all the meds and stuff on the calendar, I asked a very important question: When will the first beta be?

My clinic is notoriously crazy for asking patients to wait 12 to 14 days post transfer for the first beta.  I waited 12 days for the last two transfers.  That was really long enough to drive me crazy and test my patience.  This time, 12 days post transfer falls on a Saturday.  Because my nurse coordinator doesn’t work on a Saturday, I can’t do it on that day or day 13, which is on a Sunday.  The tricky part this time is day 14 is Monday, President’s day.  It’s a holiday observed by my clinic.  So my nurse coordinator won’t be there either.  I asked for permission to do it on day 11, that Friday.  This procedure nurse was very reluctant to schedule me for Friday, because 11 days past a day 5 transfer is too “early” for a beta.  I honestly think that these people are crazy at my clinic.  That is the equivalent of 16 days past ovulation. Too early?!?  I told her that I won’t do it on Tuesday February 16, because that is Bob’s birthday.  I am not doing a beta on Bob’s birthday.  What a big dilemma.

The procedure nurse went and asked my nurse coordinator.  Another nurse of my RE actually will work on President’s day, so she would be around to give me instructions when my beta came back at my regular doctor at Kai.ser.  So guys, I have to wait 14 whole days for the first beta!  This will be the true test of my patience.  And I still think that I won’t POAS……

When I said goodbye to the procedure nurse, I said that I don’t ever want another one of these meetings before a transfer.  It sounded mean but I hope she understood….

So that’s it!  I did my last dose of Lu.pron tonight.  We’ll start PIO tomorrow.  And then we’ll be all set for Monday!

Come on baby.  We are so ready for  you to come home!


10 thoughts on “The Lining is Ready!

  1. Yay lining! I can’t believe that your clinic makes you wait that long- mine does the beta at 10dp5dt. Fingers crossed for you!


  2. If they don’t want you to POAS, then they should do it on day 11! Personally, I’d definitely POAS, so I am impressed with your determination to be patient.


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