MicroblogMondays: Worry Dolls



We love to visit missions in California.  The San Luis Obispo one that we visited on our trip was beautiful.  At the mission gift shop, I was looking at the abundance of nativity sets while Bob was browsing around.  He spotted these dolls.  The explanation says:

“These worry dolls are symbolic of the folk art of Guatemala and Mexico.  The legend is that when a child whispered their worries to their doll before going to sleep, the next morning their worries will be gone.  What a simple way to ease their minds.”

Bob looked at me and asked, “Should we get them for our future baby?”

This has become the fifth thing that we have purchased for our future baby in the past four years.  I love it that we don’t shy away from buying things for our baby and aren’t afraid of jinxing ourselves.

I can’t wait to give our baby stuff to our own child one day.


12 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Worry Dolls

  1. I just did a post on jinxes today! I love that you don’t worry about jinxing yourself and your baby is going to love all of these things that you thought about well in advance for her/him.


  2. My parents brought back a set of worry dolls from Portugal when I was young (a bazillions years), and even though they became a keepsake for my mom, and we never used them, I always loved the idea. I think it’s wonderful that you’re planning for your eventual future without worry – I agree that you have a great attitude!


  3. Very cute! My grandparents had a tiny box of even tinier dolls that I was told were worry dolls too. I never told my worries to them but I did play with them when I visited. Good memories. I agree that it’s a good thing that you still buy things for your future child. 🙂


  4. It’s a beautiful thing to live in hope for the future despite the losses and setbacks of the present. I love the worry dolls and think that your future baby will, too.


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