Another Disappointment

My OB wrote me and told me the news that beta came back at 10.  I think it’s a chemical.  My OB still thinks that I should repeat beta on Wednesday.  I wrote my nurse at U.CSF and am waiting for her to write me back.

I am doing okay.  Probably just numb.  I am sure I am going to cry some time tonight.

Although I sort of expected it not to work, it’s still heartbreaking that this is not our time.

My mind has already moved onto the next transfer.

I don’t know what else to say now.  Thanks for all the love.


40 thoughts on “Another Disappointment

    • Leave the cursing to me. I’m really, really good at it and I’m doing tons here on your behalf, Isabelle. This is NOT fair at all. I wish there were words that were adequate.


  1. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry. There’s absolutely NOTHING worse than limbo- a beta that isn’t quite what it should be, but isn’t definitively negative either. I know that feeling so well. Thinking of you.


  2. Shoot, I am so so sorry. This sucks. I know it must be hard to hang in there, but what matters is that they double from here on out, right?


  3. My goodness this pain hurts so badly. I am so sorry. For what it is worth, my RE told me that getting any positive number on a beta (greater than 5) makes him optimistic it will work in the future and tells him we should keep going with what we are doing because it is just a matter of time until it works. Hugs to you.


  4. I am so so sorry! I read the first line of your Micromonday blog this morning, saw you’d had a blood draw and skipped right to this post to find out. It hurts but you are obviously very loved here, and by God always.


  5. Friend, that means you CAN get pregnant. An embryo can attach to your womb and grow. This embryo just wasn’t the one to do it. Your doctor will evaluate this and take further steps with next transfer. It will be okay, I know your heartbreak and I know it doesn’t feel like it will be okay. Be it will. Your body can become pregnant. That’s a huge deal!


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