MicroblogMondays: Hopefully My Last Sushi Meal For a While


You know, I am trying to get pregnant.

In fact, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the last 47 months.  We had two transfers before.  Neither one resulted in a live birth.  This time it feels a little different.  With our 100% fertilization rate, we now have ten little fertilized eggs hopefully still growing in the lab.  There is a little more hope, a little more brightness in the future, and little more confidence that it may just work out this time.

I don’t believe in jinxing things.  My potential due date is already there in my mind.  Searching for a maternity outfit is my occasional pastime.  All in all, my expectation is higher this time with these young and healthy eggs of a proven donor.  They passed the first hurdle beautifully.  This afternoon will bring us the much anticipated news of number of embryos we still have.

Bob and I set up a sushi date for this past Saturday in anticipation of our transfer.  If we get pregnant this time, this will be my last sushi meal for the duration of a pregnancy.

Our usual Japanese restaurant didn’t disappoint.

.  IMG_5377

I savored every single bite of raw fish, choosing to believe that this may be my last chance of this Japanese delicacy before mid-August.

What an enjoyable date night celebrating our ten little fertilized eggs and a dream that may just come true, that we get to close this chapter of our life trying to get pregnant for almost four years.


11 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Hopefully My Last Sushi Meal For a While

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. I just can’t do raw fish. There’s a total mental block there for me which I realize is silly because I can easily eat the same fish cooked…. lol! Here’s hoping that all your fish will be cooked for the next 9 months!! 🙂


  2. I went out for sushi twice during my pregnancy- you can still eat the cooked sushi! I enjoyed it immensely despite really wanting the raw stuff. 🙂


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