Perfect Ten!!!

The phone call came earlier than I thought it would.  On the instruction sheet, it says that a nurse will call in the afternoon.  About 11am, I was sitting on the stairs at home waiting for Bob to be ready to go grocery shopping with me.  I was holding my phone and was about to check my email when the phone rang.  It said “UCSF Reproductive”.  Since the timing of the phone call was so unexpected, I didn’t even have time to worry about it.  I answered.  The nurse was super nice.  She introduced herself and told me that she’d give me the fertilization report.  She said that all ten eggs were deemed mature and they all fertilized!  Praise the Lord!!!  I can’t tell you how relieved and surprised I was to hear that.  When I woke up this morning, I was still not too nervous or worried, but I did have thoughts that maybe none of the eggs would thaw or none would fertilize.  I was hoping for at least nine to thaw and eight to fertilize.  To have all ten of them still there is such an amazing thing to experience.  Yay to young eggs!  I have never had a 100% fertilization rate so that’s my first.  This is the best possible outcome at this point.  The nurse congratulated me and sounded very excited too.  I thanked her for giving me great news, and she told me that she loves delivering good news.  I said I could cry, and she said, go ahead and go celebrate!  I also thanked her for calling so early.  She said that when she got in she checked, but the results were there yet.  She checked repeatedly and called me once she got them.  Such a nice nurse!  The funny thing was another nurse called me about 30 minutes later trying to give me the fertilization report as well.  Talking about a bit of a lack of coordination.  I was nervous when I picked up the phone call because I didn’t know if something went wrong.  Luckily it was just another fertilization report.  I would rather have double phone calls than nobody calling me.

Phew!  One hurdle down.  It’s such a great feeling to get amazing news.  I don’t expect all of the embryos to keep on growing, but I am a bit more confident that we’ll have a transfer on Wednesday.  We’ll get another report on Monday on how the embryos are doing and transfer time and instructions.  Maybe my dear friend Jane has to come up with some embryo names for us. 🙂

So relieved!


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