Bob’s Two Jobs: Collection and PIO

Today is egg thaw and semen collection day.  We won’t know about how the eggs are doing until tomorrow, but I know that Bob did his first job beautifully.  He arrived at the clinic early (!).  His experience today was very different from six months ago when he went there for a semen analysis.  At that time, the clinic just moved so the semen collection room was not quite well stocked.  Today apparently everything went seamlessly.  A male nurse, who Bob said was quite formal and appeared a little awkward, led him to a room and asked Bob, “Would you like to watch some adult movies?”  According to Bob, the clinic is now equipped with streamed videos from various different sources such as Netfl.ix and Hul.u and has gotten rid of all of the printed materials.  So Bob said, Sure.  Bob described the set up as very high-tech looking with the remote control on the wall.  When the male nurse was setting things up, he said, “I hope it’s not in the middle of a movie” in an awkward and formal way.  I still don’t understand how a clinic does not provide printed material anymore.  But whatever.  I guess you can always bring your own.  Bob did his job and that’s the most important thing.  I am quite sure his swimmers are going to be fine.  I hope that the eggs are doing their job as well.

Bob also did his second job beautifully.  He worked from home today, so we actually decided to do our progesterone injection earlier than planned.  We watched the Freedom Pharmacy video online, read the instructions given by the nurse, and decided to take the plunge.  I know that Bob wasn’t looking forward to it.  This is the guy who would draw the meds for me but would look away and shudder whenever I inject myself.  So really, it’s a really brave thing for him to do this.  I read the nurse’s instruction and made a decision to ice the area while Bob drew the oil out.  He commented on how much harder it was to draw the liquid than the other meds probably due to the higher viscosity of it.  The first day we are only injecting 1/2 cc on my right side. I lay down in bed and tried to relax my muscles.  The iced area felt numb.  Bob pulled my skin taut.  I honestly didn’t feel a single thing when he put the needle in thanks to the icing.  I could feel a tiny pinch when he injected.  I again didn’t feel a thing when he pulled it out.  He massaged the area for a little with gauze over the area.  He told me later on that all he was focusing on was 90 degree angle and quick smooth jabbing motion.  The circles that the nurse drew really helped.  I was pleasantly surprised that he did it cleanly and the injection itself didn’t hurt.  The site did bleed a little.  I put a bandaid on, massaged it a little, and applied my hot water heat pad on it.  Bob and I gave each other a high five.  I have been walking around a little.  The area is still kind of sore.  Hopefully it will dissipate soon.  My nurse warned me that some people experience constipation.  Did that happen to any of you out there?

I totally thought that it wasn’t bad at all and Bob did a great job as a needle-phobic, although he still said that he does not look forward to it for ten more weeks.  I hope that we get to do it ten more weeks, which means that we are on our way to have our binky moongee.

(Fertilization report tomorrow!  I am still not nervous yet.  Hopefully I will keep my calm tomorrow when the phone rings.)


6 thoughts on “Bob’s Two Jobs: Collection and PIO

  1. Good job Bob! I was constipated but I had no warning about it. If you can’t take a stool softener (if you find you need one), you can always eat what the pediatrician called the poop foods (pears, peaches, prunes, and one more I always forget).


  2. You two are such a great team! Way to go Bob!!! So excited for your next update as well. My prayers have included you so much lately! Just hoping for good news. When I was on progesterone and even now, I start my morning with a small glass of warm prune juice. I hate prune juice, but being warn helps it go down a little better. I’m nervous to take any over the counter stool softeners, and since prune juice is a natural stool softener, I’ve just been doing that. Good luck!


    • Hi Sondra! Thanks for your prayers. I have been praying for you and your baby too! Okay warm prune juice. That sounds yucky but maybe it will do the trick. I will keep that in mind. Will update when we get the fertilization report. Thanks for the love!

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