Green light!

We got the green light to move ahead!

Today was my lining check day.  I was able to maintain my calm most of the day.  There were maybe three moments of nervousness but I was really amazingly at peace.  My prayer this morning was for my lining to be good, but if also for God to keep me focus on Him rather than my circumstances if my lining wasn’t good.  I was able to focus at the kids at work.  I was not anxious when I was driving to the clinic.  All in all, I was feeling at peace and calm.

I arrived at the clinic early and found a free parking spot (yay!).  I wrote a huge check for the cycle, the most we have paid for one single cycle.  I really hope that the end result is a baby for us.  When I was done checking in, it was not even my appointment time yet.  I barely warmed my seat in the waiting room before a male nurse led me into the exam room.  Not even two seconds after I undressed and covered myself up before my favorite nurse practitioner (NP) walked in.  She asked me how I was doing.  I told her that I had been quite calm all day  until that moment, not knowing if the estrogen patches were working.  She told me that it is some pretty powerful stuff.  Apparently if the patches don’t work, the clinic would recommend injections.  Being on the table, I started to feel a little nervous.  I am thankful that she was very good at putting me at ease.  With me lying down and the light dimmed, she inserted the wand and reminded me that because of my fibroid, it usually would take her a little while to find the lining.  After looking for a few seconds, she said, “I can tell you now that it’s looking good”.  What a relief that she told me that first.  She proceeded to measure the lining.  It was 7.8mm.  I was slightly disappointed because last cycle my lining was the same and I didn’t get pregnant.  But like last time, she told me that anything above 7mm is good.  I remember her telling me that the trilaminar pattern looking shiny is what they would want.  I could totally see the shininess of my lining on the screen.  Both ovaries were quiet, which was what we wanted.  The NP wanted to make sure she got the best view of the lining, so she asked for permission to do an abdominal ultrasound.  That measurement was even better: 8mm.  She said that it would be a more accurate one because the view was not obstructed by the fibroid.

I felt relieved, calm, and happy that we are moving on, finally.  It has seemed like a long wait since our last transfer.  A total of nine months.  We went through a lot in the last nine months.  It just feels good to get the Okay to move forward.

One of the in-cycle nurses situated me in this office with a great view of the bay.  We went over all the instructions for the sample collection, the changes in medication, transfer, and pregnancy test.  I knew ahead of time that Bob would have to clear his semen without anyone telling us.  So I had him do that yesterday morning.  He is scheduled for his semen specimen collection tomorrow at 11am.  The eggs will be thawed tomorrow and fertilization will happen.  We will get a fertilization report on Saturday with the number of eggs thawed and the number of eggs fertilized.  On day three, which is Monday, we will get a call about the number of embryos remaining and the transfer details for Wednesday.  I made sure that on the lab order it says to thaw ten eggs and transfer one blastocyst on day five.  I also made sure that the lab order in the system said my donor’s name and number.  It’s never too much trouble to double and triple check.

Today is our last dose of Lup.ron.  I hope I will not have to do another Lup.ron injection again until the transfer for baby number two.  Tomorrow we’ll start our progesterone in oil injections.  Yup.  PIO is finally starting.  Somehow I have never gone to the injection class that U.CSF puts together, mostly because I knew how to do my subcutaneous injection, so my own nurse never told me to do one.  The in-cycle nurse went over a bunch of instructions with me.  Basically to relax the muscles for the injection.  She told me the correct areas to inject.  I requested for her to draw the areas for me which she did later.  The key, she said, is to jab the needle in quickly, pull out the plunger for a little, then slowly inject the liquid in.  She told me to do it between 7 to 11pm, massage the area afterwards, and walk around if I can.  I am quite sure Bob and I will have a fantastic time doing this.  The dosage is 1/2cc for two days, 1cc for two days, the 1 1/2 cc for the rest of the first trimester.  The nurse said I could do it lying down or standing up.  She also showed me how to do it myself, by leaning the non-injection side of my body on the wall to relax the injection side, jab, and inject slowly.  I am not going to tell Bob just yet that he may not have to inject for me.  I will prefer for him to do it for me so let’s hope that it will go well.

I am to switch out my old estrogen patches with three new patches tomorrow.  Three days after that, I’ll replace them with two new patches and continue that every three days until I am told to stop.  The nurse told me to talk to my own nurse about refills for these meds.  I told her that hopefully if I get pregnant, my OB/GYN will order them for me so it will be covered under my insurance.

I am to start steroids tomorrow and continue my prenatal vitamins.  The in-cycle nurse instructed me to tell Bob to take his  I told her that since Bob usually would get a stomach problem from the, Dr. No Nonsense gave an Okay for him not to take it. She told me to make sure with my nurse about it.  (I later forgot to ask my nurse after I left so I had to go back to the clinic and wait for her to meet with me again.  She remembered this whole thing about Bob not taking the meds so she didn’t order it for him.)

On the day of the transfer, my acupuncturist will do pre- and post-transfer session with me at the clinic.  Apparently we get a transfer room where we will do the acupuncture session there, stay there for the transfer, and stay there for another session.  Sounds like a nice set up.  I will notify the clinic ahead of time when I get the day 3 fertilization report.  I remember that I will take a Val.ium one hour prior to the transfer, but I totally forgot that I will need to have a full bladder.  The memory is slowly coming back about how a transfer works.

First beta will be on December 7th, 12 days after our day 5 transfer.  I think it’s torture that my clinic makes people wait for so many days before beta test can be done.  I am known for not testing ahead of time, so we’ll all be guessing together.  Plus I am sure progesterone is going to make me feel pregnant and tired.  It will probably be some very difficult two weeks to wait.  I have yet to decide whether to go to Kai.ser, my own insurance, or to go to U.CSF.  Kai.ser does ASAP instead of STAT.  So really, who knows how quickly ASAP is.  My nurse said that I may find the test result online sooner than she does.  If I go before 9am, there is a 50/50 chance that she could find out the result before 6pm.  I don’t know if I can last all day without knowing the results.  So the choice is to pay for the test at U.CSF and get the results sooner, or go to Kai.ser for free but potentially have to wait longer.  I am still undecided.

After the in-cycle nurse drew the cycles on my lower back, my own nurse came in to go over the consent form with me.  It was very nice to see her.  When I brought up Dr. NN not being able to do my transfer for me, her reaction cracked me up.  She was like, “I know!  When he told me, I was like What the heck?”  HAHA!  Yeah he can’t do it for me because he is going out of town before Thanksgiving.  I am fine either way.  My uterus is a straight forward organ so I am sure the other doctor is fine.  We went over the consent form and we were done!  When we said good bye, she told me that she’d talk to me in three weeks.  I just looked.  It’s more like 2.5 weeks.  In 2.5 weeks, we’ll find out if we are pregnant in 2015.

Bob is very excited.  When I wrote him a text, he said, “Praise the Lord!  Let’s do it.”  I love that!  All the glory and honor go to the Lord.

So here we are!  After so many years, this is the best chance that we have for a baby.  I am very grateful for getting this close.  I have been praying for the perfect number of embryos to complete our family.  Whatever that number is, I will be happy.  So please pray that the eggs thaw well, fertilize well, and we’ll have the perfect number of embryos waiting for us.

Like what Bob said, Let’s do it!


11 thoughts on “Green light!

  1. Sending you so much good luck! Saturday is my miracles’ (frozen DE twins) first birthday. I hope it’s a lucky and magical day for you too with a great fert report. Prayers that this brings you your baby.


  2. Soooo excited! I’d forgotten all the details of a transfer too, and how complicated it is. My clinic also waited for.e.ver to do a beta, and I didn’t test ahead either. A very long two weeks indeed!
    I’ll be praying for you to get pregnant with this transfer!


  3. Yay!! 🙂 Make sure you do move around after the pio injection. I had bad swelling with those while doing them after my ivf with tru. But when I got pregnant with Levi and did them, virtually no swelling. I think because I had to move more maybe? Who knows. Excited for your transfer!! 17dpo is crazy for a first beta! I think that’s just cruel and unusual punishment. :/


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