Cleared to Start Estrogen!

I am telling you.  AF is a weird beast.

After the last post on Tuesday, I was bleeding on and off.  It was still the same old: sometimes more, sometimes less, but never enough for me to call it full flow.  I looked at the calendar again.  It said to call my nurse if no full flow by Thursday.  I know what full flow feels like.  What I had on that day wasn’t it.  So my nurse scheduled an ultrasound appointment for me for Friday to check the lining.  I was thinking that I could always cancel the appointment if full flow came later.  By Friday morning, my flow was a little heavier, but I still couldn’t call it full flow.  So I went ahead with the appointment.  Interesting, I was not anxious about it at all.  I thank the Lord for that because I had been praying daily to keep my anxiety in check.  I was so busy at work that I didn’t really think much about what the outcome could be.

After I checked in, I went to the bathroom.  Lo and behold, more blood was coming.  After that, I was led to the ultrasound room.  Before I entered, I saw my RE Dr. No Nonsense down the hall at a nurses station.  We smiled and waved at each other.  Inside the room, I undressed, covered myself, and waited for a total of 24 minutes before my trusted, favorite nurse practitioner walked in to greet me.  I didn’t like waiting because I had to rush back to the office but what can you do, right?  I answered a few of the NP’s questions about my spotting, lack of full flow, and the start of Lupr.on.  As I lay on the table and complained about the lack of full flow, I suddenly felt a rush of warmness from under my cover.  Right then and there, at the clinic where the ultrasound was about to take place, Aunt Flow decided that it would be a great time to come.  Was she too scared of the power of the clinic or something?  She somehow felt forced to show her face?  I don’t know.  But it was quite comical for this rush of blood to come while I was talking about her playing peek-a-boo with me.

After my last ultrasound many months ago, the probe felt a little bit foreign to me.  NP reminded me that it would take a little bit of time before she would be able to find my lining because of my fibroid in the back of my uterus as well as the thinner lining at this stage.  Lying there with blood that continued to gush out, I felt at peace about this whole thing.  It was quite a weird feeling.  I just waited.  I told her that my hysteroscopy in July showed a fibroid rather than scar tissue like what Dr. Director thought.  The NP said, “No wonder your uterus looks a little different from what I remember since the last time we hung out.”  I don’t know how she’d remember what one’s uterus looks like?? Ha.  After what seemed like many seconds, the lining finally showed up.  The measurement was about 4.7mm.  I asked her what they would like to see.  She said it would be 4mm, but mine was really close enough.  Since I was actively bleeding and would continue to shed my lining in the days to come, she was satisfied with the lining thickness and cleared me to start the estrogen patch that night.  She told me that she would get a better view of the lining from the top.  Before she took out the probe, she checked my ovaries just to see.  She did see a vague follicle-like structure on one of my ovaries.  She said that it could be from some other cycle that didn’t disappear.  As I was on birth control pill with the use of Lup.ron to suppress my ovaries, she thought that it would be highly unlikely that it was a follicle and I would ovulate through it.  She did ask the other nurse to make a note in the record so we wouldn’t be surprised by this if it shows up again when I return for my lining check on November 19th.

The NP then used an abdominal ultrasound to make sure the measurement of the lining was right.  I honestly don’t know how she could differentiate the difference.  Everything looked like a shadow to me.  She confirmed the thickness being about 5mm.  I was all clear to start the patch!  Such great news.  What a relief!

When I was about to leave the area, Dr. NN happened to have just left a room and walked into the hallway.  We almost missed each other but he looked back and saw me.  We said Hi again.  As he approached, I was contemplating whether if I should shake his hand.  He answered that question for me.  He extended his arm and gave me a hug!  It was a total surprise since I never got a hug from him.  It was one of those unexpected but heartwarming moment.  We talked about how the scan went.  As we said goodbye, I cheerfully told him that I’d see him the day before Thanksgiving.

So here I am, the day after I applied my first estrogen patch.  It’s hard to believe that the tiny little sticky thing is giving me the estrogen that is much needed to build my lining.  And it actually stays on.  And I now can really call the bleeding full flow.  AF is such a finicky beast.  In less than two weeks, I’ll return to the clinic with a signed consent to check my lining.  Hopefully in 2.5 weeks we’ll transfer one blastocyst.  Time is flying by.  Let’s hope that these little patches are doing wonders to my endometrium.

My friend Maddie is funny. She told me that I was officially one day pregnant yesterday.  I love her positive thinking!

Eighteen more days before transfer!  We can do it!


11 thoughts on “Cleared to Start Estrogen!

  1. I love her calculating! U really are “pregnant” already. I used to do this with my cycles too. It seems like a lot of women might not be aware that after transfer they only have 8 months or even less to go 😊 Prayers that patch gets your lining going !


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