I scared Myself – BCP and Lupr.on

I was put on birth control pills the first time in my life back in May when I was bleeding nonstop after my failed IVF transfer.  The pills were actually for controlling my bleeding.  But it didn’t seem to work well because I was still bleeding on and off.  What I didn’t know was that I needed to be more regimented about the time that I took the pills.  I set an alarm for the time daily but I was very casual about it.  Sometimes I would be half an hour, one hour, or even two hours late.  I didn’t know that it would cause fluctuation in the hormonal levels which would cause spotting or bleeding.  I was kept on the pills after my hysteroscopy because we were going to choose a donor.  So I was on the pills from May until September when we discovered that our donor had disappeared.  Now that we are going to do a cycle in November, I was put back on the pills to suppress my ovaries.

I feel a little bit powerless and clueless during this cycle.  I have never done a cycle when I just need to build my lining.  In my past, all of my transfer cycles were with a retrieval, so we relied on my natural lining.  I have no prior knowledge about a medicated transfer cycle where you have to build the lining using meds.  Hence, I feel a little bit uncomfortable because if things don’t go according to plan, my prior knowledge won’t save me or comfort me.  All I know is that I am instructed to start Lupr.on on Monday October 26th, take my last birth control pill on Halloween October 31, and expect AF to come the days after.

Since I don’t know how everything works, I have been very good with taking my birth control pill right on the dot every single day.  I am very afraid of spotting or bleeding prematurely because I don’t want to cause any unexpected event that could delay the cycle.  I have set my alarm for 7:35am for my daily dose.  I had been so good until this past Sunday.  I slept in until 8:05.  When I looked at my emails at 8:13, my reminder email alarmed me that I had been over 30 minutes late for my pill!  I quickly took it and was hoping and praying that the delay wouldn’t affect anything.

Came Monday morning.  I wiped and saw a tiny little pink.  I panicked.  My mind was full of What if my period comes right now does it affect anything do I have to delay my cycle oh my goodness what should I do should I call my nurse right now no maybe I should just email her or maybe I should consult with my friend Jane who knows about these things.  I was going crazy!

See the stress?  I think not having done this before has made this cycle a little more stressful for me.  I truly do not understand how controlling the meds to build the lining actually works.  I just do not want another delay because of stupid AF.

What is a girl to do?  Well, the crazy me went to the bathroom exponentially more times than usual.  I wiped and wiped and wiped.  Sometimes there was nothing.  Sometimes there was a bit more pink.  I had to wait for my nurse to write me back.  In the mean time, a little consultation with Jane eased my anxiety a little bit.  She said that sometimes even an hour of difference in the timing of taking the pill can trigger a little spotting.  She told me that as long as I start Lupr.on before full flow, I should be okay.  But she told me to check with my nurse.

While waiting for my nurse to write me back, I continued my paranoia about having a full flow because I really wasn’t sure if I was supposed to have full flow before I could start Lup.ron.  I was wishing and wishing that AF wouldn’t come until after that night.  Good thing my nurse finally wrote me back.  Otherwise I would have gone crazy.  She said spotting or even full flow would be fine.  If full flow did come, she might have to adjust the dosage of the estrogen patch in the future.  So we are all good.  The cycle goes on as planned.

Phew.  I blame my paranoia on my ignorance of how a medicated transfer works.  But I also blame it on my lack of faith in this process.  I really need to learn how to chill and trust.

Guess what?  After scaring myself about it, I am still just wiping with some pink on and off.  Full flow never came.  So maybe Jane was right about the fluctuation of my hormones because of that one delayed administration.  I scared myself for nothing.

Then last night, our preparation for this donor egg cycle officially began.  There was a little accident though.  I was standing up while opening the vial of Lupr.on and it slipped out of my hand.  It dropped to my hardwood floor.  The big THUD made my heart jump.  Upon quick inspection, I was relieved to see that there was no crack on the vial.  I couldn’t believe that my hands almost shattered $190…… Can you imagine the vial breaking and cracking in front of my eyes???  Praise the Lord that it didn’t happen.

The injection was uneventful.  As usual, Bob drew the liquid.  I injected.  That tiny needle didn’t even sting me.  However, I shudder at the thought of Bob eventually having to jab me with a big needle of progesterone though.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  If you have any suggestions as to how to do PIO painlessly, please let me know.


26 thoughts on “I scared Myself – BCP and Lupr.on

  1. Painless? Hrm, not really. I ice before even though they say not to because it makes the injection hurt less, but I think it worsens the soreness after the fact. Definitely get a heating pad!


    • Oh so the injection hurts less when you ice it ahead of time but it gets more sore. Hmm……did you find it true when you did it? I have been warned of the “knots” that I need to massage afterwards. Did you have those?


  2. Best advice I can give you regarding the PIO shots is massage, massage, massage!!! It’s uncomfortable at first to massage the knots but it really helps in the long run. Also inject slower than you normally would and the knots won’t be so big/hard. You’ll be fine. The first couple are the hardest and then it’s just routine. 😊


  3. Im glad the Lupron didnt break and it wasnt bad for u! It was always the easiest for me too. As far as not knowing what to expect with a frozen, I went through that feeling as well. I still say I liked a fresh cycle better and some would call me crazy for that, but to each his own!


    • I know! I would be so mad at myself for throwing money away! I am sure I will get used to prepping my lining for a transfer. I know so many people who likes doing transfers only better than fresh cycles.

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  4. I second the massage comment! I also have a few tips for building that lining. I had issues with this and these things seemed to help. 1. Exercise daily to increase blood flow 2. Lie on your back with feet up against a wall for 30 mins a day to increase blood flow 3. Try to sleep on your left side to increase blood supply 4. Daily orgasm (tmi) to increase blood flow. All those things are probably not necessary but certainly don’t hurt and it seemed to help me. I also took a bit extra time then they thought to build my lining but was told it doesn’t matter- seem people just need a little bit of time so don’t freak out if you are the same. Good luck!


    • Thanks for the tips! I think it may be hard for me to exercise daily, but maybe I can walk more. HA the lying on my back thing totally reminds me of my good ol’ TTC days when we still tried naturally. And… sleeping on my left side? Okay. I will try to remember those things! Thanks!

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      • After I wrote this I realized it was probably so unnecessary. Your lining will grow just fine on its own and these are for us crazies that want to feel some control 😉


  5. PIO tips – warm up the vial of oil before drawing it out (eg. Put it in your bra for 20 min before you’re ready or wrap it in your heating pad for 5 min). That will help thin out the oil and make it easier to draw out and inject. Sit on a heating pad for a couple minutes before the injection to warm up the area and then immediately on it again after. Massage is a great tip unless you’re on blood thinners (like lovenox) in which case a firm massage can cause huge bruises. I found it easiest to lie down flat on my bed on my stomach, while dh injected me. Also, ask the nurses to outline the areas where the injection has to go in. For the first few weeks, I had them feel and outline the areas at every appointment. It helped my husband feel confident that he was at least injecting in the right place. Finally, make sure you’re using the right size needle. Doctors are fond of the 1 1/2 in one-size-fits-all needles. Ask your doctor/nurse because you may be able to use a 1 in instead. Hope this helps!

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    • Have you tried icing the area? Or warming it up the area is better? The challenge about knowing where to inject is that we will only have one monitoring appointment so I may not get to see the nurse all the time to find out where else to inject. Okay great tip about the 1-inch needles. The 1 1/2 inch looks horribly long. I will ask that question. Thank you!


      • I did try icing but honestly I didn’t find the injection painful so warming was slightly better for me. The aftermath was always worse (once the oil has accumulated in the areas it causes painful lumps). Ask the nurse at the monitoring appointment to draw on you with permanent marker or something else that won’t wash off easily. That way you’ll have time to get used to the injection areas before losing your targets.


  6. Massage and slow straight (not angled) injection can help with pain and bruising. I was on blood thinners so bruised regardless. A heat pack after application is comforting. Also hearing the oil in hot water before drawing it up makes it less viscous and causes less lumps under your skin. Good luck.

    I’m sorry you’re scared and uncertain this cycle as its unfamiliar. I’m sending gentle calming thoughts your way!


    • Okay thanks for the tip! It seems like warming up the oil is the way to go. Slow straight injection. I hope Bob will listen to me. I can already see how squeamish he would be. Thanks for the calming thoughts! I am feeling much better now after getting some answers from my nurse.

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  7. So interesting that you’ve never done a medicated FET! So it makes sense that you are nervous. I have, unfortunately, done it too many times…blah. As I was reading, I was thinking…breakthrough bleeding is ok, so I’m glad your nurse told you. As for the PIO shots, make sure it is a little warm…ice the area…I poke myself with my nail to make sure I can’t really feel it so it’s numb…then…quick jab but SLOW pushing the medicine in…I think the faster you go, the more it hurts and leaves bumps…then massage 🙂 Best of luck…I feel it for you!!! xoxo


    • Thank you girl for your tip! Do you do your own injections? I think I can do the right side since I am right handed, but the left side might be a bit harder. Bob still has to do it for me. I think he’s been dreading the big day of PIO……


  8. There is some good advice on here. I always warmed up the PIO. I put the bottle in my armpit for 15 minutes. Heating pads are awesome after. I laid on my stomach to make sure my muscle was relaxed. You will end up with bruises and knots. Massage and light exercising helps. I had one side that hurt far less than the other. No idea why. I also had circles drawn on at my appointments to help DH, just in the beginning.


  9. Hi,

    I’ve been lurking and reading your blog for a little while now. I forget how I found it initially but kept reading because I’m also a tall Asian woman going through IVF and I believe we actually have the same RE, Dr No Nonsense!

    I just wanted to chime in with tips re: PIO. I was scared to death of it but honestly, it’s not too bad. I do it myself. There’s a pinch when the needle goes in but not too much worse than the other medications, I think. Have the nurse draw circles of where the shots should go and demonstrate how to do it yourself. The side you’re injecting should be relaxed. The most helpful tip I got was to walk walk walk after the shot, which helps to spread the oil. We have a dog so I made it a ritual to walk her for 20-30mins after the nighttime shot. You may feel the spot start to knot up but I found that walking around and moving that side of my leg helps much more than massaging does.

    Anyway, just thought I’d throw in the walking tip since no one mentioned it. I’m cheering for you and hope that this works out!!


    • Oh thank you so much for commenting and for your tip. How interesting that we have the same RE! We don’t have pets, so the walking may be a little hard. Will have to find a way to deal with the knots if they come. Thanks again!


  10. So glad it didn’t break! These processes can make you so jumpy! And how often do we have thousands of dollars in medication on our counter anyway? I don’t have any new advice for PIO. I warmed it, iced the injection before, massaged, moved, heated and all that. I bruised badly anyway. It will be worth it in the end though. 🙂


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