Finally Some Forward Movement

I have been waiting patiently for a few things to happen.  The day we decided to move ahead with frozen eggs was the day the clinic decided to change the guarantee for its cryo banking cycle from two viable embryos to one day-five or day-six blastocyst.  The donor coordinator had to revise the consent forms and to get them approved before she could pass them onto me.  That was almost two weeks ago.  I wrote the donor coordinator a couple of messages.  She completed the changes and needed the approval from the clinic.  So I continued to wait.  In the mean time, my nurse said that she needed to wait for the consent forms to be done before she could schedule me a follow up appointment with Dr. No Nonsense, my RE, to go over our treatment plan.  Back on July 27th, we had our meeting with Dr. NN to talk about treatment plan, but it was incomplete because he did not have our donor Iris’ past cycle records or her results from her medical screening.  We agreed that we would reconvene when he has all the information.  Now that we are using frozen eggs rather than fresh eggs from a donor, I guess we still have to meet and talk.  Regardless of the status of the consent form or the appointment with my RE, the most important thing is for my next menstrual cycle to begin.  The thing is, I don’t know where I am in my cycle.  My breakthrough bleeding after I stopped my birth control pills started on September 5th.  The thermometer that I used for tracking my basal body temperature has been tucked away for months.  Other than the egg white cervical fluid that I had a couple of weeks ago, I have no way of knowing when or if I ovulated this cycle.  The old me would track everything and anxiously wait for things to start.  Not that the new me doesn’t care, it’s just that, it’s not worth my losing my brain cells over this, because really, I have no control over anything.  So I continue to wait.  But one thing I know is that my protocol for the donor egg transfer includes birth control pills to quiet down my ovaries, so I know that when my menstrual cycle starts, I will start birth control pills on day two.  I was so pleased to get a phone call today from the donor coordinator who notified me that the consent forms have been approved.  She asked if we would still like to proceed with the ten frozen eggs.  Heck yeah!  My nurse also wrote me back and scheduled the appointment with Dr. NN for us for October 16th.  Finally, things are moving along.  We just need my body to cooperate and show me some blood.  🙂 Hopefully blood will come soon so we can have a transfer some time in November, as I was told that transfer happens six weeks after birth control pills start.  It’s getting exciting and at the same time scary……


6 thoughts on “Finally Some Forward Movement

  1. Fantastic! Great news that good things are starting to happen for you, you so deserve it. Fingers crossed that your period comes soon – so ironic that you spend most of your time not wanting it to come, then wishing that it would appear! Really really hoping for great things for you very soon xxx


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