MicroblogMondays: A Few Pregnancy Related Things


Without ever talking to my pregnant supervisor about her pregnancy, I get to know a lot about it.

How so?  My office is situated right next to the elevator.  I keep the door open when I am working.  My supervisor’s voice carries.  Whenever she exits the elevator or waits for the elevator with her patients, she is often talking about her pregnancy. I don’t think it’s intentional.  It’s just that many of her patients get to see her once every few months.  I am sure they are quite surprised to see her baby bump.  The time it takes to travel from the first floor to my floor is perfect for them to ask a question and for her to answer the question about her pregnancy.  And when their visit finishes, the walk from my supervisor’s office to the elevator is also a perfect time for them to ask questions such as when she is due and other things.  Just being in my office, I have learned that:

  • Yes she wanted to find out about the sex of the baby given her type A personality but her husband convinced her to wait, so now they do not know if it’s a boy or a girl
  • Her due date is the very last day of December
  • She will try to work until the end of the year
  • She’s been buying baby stuff in neutral colors, and good thing, according to her, that gray is in this season, but she has also purchased some yellow and green
  • She finds it amusing that there has been one pregnant woman after another in this office as she talks a bit it quite a few times with her patients

You know me.  If I can’t stand it, I will go shut the office door.  I cover my ears and go la la la.  Lately I have been good.  I don’t have to do these things to protect myself since protection has not been needed.  Lucky you.   You all get to read about the details of her pregnancy here.  🙂


Last year, I shared about these ladies that I was able to help because I shared about my journey openly with them.  The one who was in my bible study group last year continued to share with me about her struggles and journey.  She is a very private person and only shares her infertility problems with me and her mom.  With my encouragement and her RE’s assurance that she was a great candidate for IVF, she mustered enough courage to look into it and actually followed through with it despite being extremely scared of the process.  I emailed her to ask her for an update.  The day we got the news that our donor disappeared was the day she wrote me back with her pregnancy news.  Honestly I was happy for her.  I knew that she’d get pregnant because it seemed that her problem was mainly male factor infertility.  However, due to how heartbroken and disappointed I was on that day, I could not bring myself to writing her back and congratulating her.  It took another two weeks to respond to her.  She then let me know that she had a scary experience in the emergency room for five hours fearing it was an ectopic pregnancy.  Praise the Lord that it wasn’t.  But that was scary enough.  I am so relieved for her and am grateful that I can be joyful for her.  I just hope that her pregnancy continues to go well.


A very dear friend of mine has had quite a rocky road on her quest to become a mom.  She never got pregnant naturally.  Her IVF cycles resulted in an early miscarriage, BFNs, and subsequently the loss of twins at two different times, one early on and the other one at 16-week gestation.  I wrote about her in this post.   At that time, I finished my post with these sentiments:

“As for my other friend and myself, I am also hopeful that we will eventually have our take home babies.  She mentioned that we would have our playdates in heaven for our babies who went up there first.  I said, let’s have our playdates on this earth with our take home babies first.  I truly believe that this will happen in the future.  We just don’t know when.  But I truly believe that our babies will play together on this earth.”

Guess what?  Half of my wish has come true!  My very dear friend finally gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl last Friday.  My heart is bursting with joy, love, and relief for my dear friend that her twins have finally arrived.  I am very confident that the playdates will happen.


The last thing is not really pregnancy related, but I can twist it in a way to make it so.  🙂

One of my best friends, my maid of honor in fact, asked if I would be interested in a girlfriend weekend getaway mid-January.  Just two nights somewhere in Southern California.  We could go to the spa, hike, go to the pool, eat, and just relax.  The old me would be like, Well, I don’t know what I will be doing then because I won’t know if I will be doing a cycle.  But the new me jumps at any opportunity to go have fun and live life.  The best thing of all is that my husband is 100% supportive despite him having to shell out money for me to go play.  What’s better than having someone else plan the trip for you and you just have to show up?  So I said YES to her.  She immediately purchased the plane tickets and will go on to plan the rest of the trip with the choice of hotel and everything else.  I really just have to pack my bag and show up at the airport.  🙂

How is this pregnancy related?  Well, if things go accordingly to plan (which I hope they will), I will do a transfer in November.  In January I could be at least a few weeks pregnant.  My hope is that I will go on the trip and proudly refuse to drink because of the little life that will be growing inside of me.

How about that for something to look forward to?


6 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: A Few Pregnancy Related Things

  1. I’m sorry about the pregnancy stuff at work but thankful you’ve been okay and know how to protect your heart. Before I got my BFP (the one that’s going well-I still have a long road ahead of me, but I’m hopeful that this time is different) , a few things happened.. I saw prayers being answered, which I truly feel like you have had. A few of my dear friends got pregnant and I felt so left out. But prayers were still answered and I continued to pray hoping and believing mine would be too. I also started really living my life. We bought a motorcycle (even though we were trying/ which makes no sense) and we bought a 1979 trans-am reliving our high school days. I can’t help but think that you’re now doing the same thing. I’m proud of you! And I truly believe your time is coming soon! 💜


  2. I will be very very happy for you to not be able to drink on your trip. And I hope you can completely bore your officemates silly with talk of your pregnancy. They will totally deserve it.


  3. That’s very good news about your friends, and you have a very big heart to be happy for them. I second Aramis – I hope you get to bore you colleagues silly in the next few months.


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