MicroblogMondays: Little Jate Made My Day


Thank you for all of your love last week after the shocking news about our donor Iris.  The good news is, after crying on Monday, I woke up on Tuesday feeling okay.  I continued to feel emotionally stable throughout the week.  For that, I feel blessed and grateful that God has sustained me so I do not feel defeated and have been doing as well as I can.  From time to time, I think about Iris.  I do wonder why she backed out without an explanation.  I am actually not angry at her.  I think my feeling could be more properly described as disappointment.  We chose her because of a combination of reasons and had to put our faith and trust in the her and in the process that she would follow through with her responsibilities as a donor.  That includes timely and honest communication.  I feel disappointed not so much because she backed out, but because she backed out without owning up to it.  She did not have the courage or decency to say that she had changed her mind.  I will write an update on what has gone on last week in regards to our discussion about choosing our new donor, frozen eggs vs. fresh eggs, and what my RE says about all this.  In the mean time, I want to share with you my rendezvous with this little adorable baby girl:


Little Jate made my day!  She made all the bitterness and unhappy thoughts of the week go away!  I was so stoked that I got to meet her and hold her.  Her Mama, my wonderful friend Jane, bathed her and dressed her in this adorable pink outfit so that she would smell nice and look nice when she met me and Bob.  Looking her in her eyes and watching her each and every sound and movement warmed my heart.  Having her sit on my lap was so fulfilling.  Her Mama and daddy waited for so long and went through so many ups and downs and heartaches to bring her into this world.  It is just so wonderful for me to witness my friend be a mother.  I am so proud of Jane and love seeing her glow.  Seeing her enjoy motherhood and being so good at it brings tears to my eyes.

Jate was fussing a little bit while Bob was holding her and trying to console her.  It was great to get a glimpse of the future when Bob becomes a father.  He will be a fantastic dad.  Jane finally placed Jate in her Rock and Play.  Wow I didn’t know that blowdryer sound could do wonders.  Jate fell fast asleep with that noise on.  After a little nap, she woke up looking happy:


Super Girl!!!




Thank you my dear friend Jane for letting us hang out with you and Jate!  My week started horribly but was salvaged because of this little beauty.  It was such a privilege to spend time with her on the day she turned two months old.


7 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Little Jate Made My Day

  1. Oh! Now you’re making me cry! It was so nice to see you and to witness how gracefully you’re handing yet another setback with an amazing amount of poise, when you have every right to be bitter and angry! I ‘m so glad Jate was on her good behavior for you! You can visit any time!

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  2. Jate is very very cute.

    That is one of my pet peeves; the backing out without owning it. A simple explanation could do much to smooth over a difficult situation. I’m sorry that you don’t have the closure.


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