MicroblogMondays: Action-Packed Week Ahead


This is going to be one busy week.  Bob continues to have his time off, but I do have to go to work on Monday and Tuesday.

At 7:30pm this evening, we will have our meeting with our donor.  What?!  Yes.  We do!  Our donor is open to communication and sharing her identifying information.  So we took advantage of her openness and asked to schedule a meeting with her.  Since Bob will start his new job next week somewhere away from the city, it feels like it’s the best to set up a meeting with Iris, our donor, before the new job begins.  I gave the agency director a few dates and she chose Monday.  It’s coming up really quickly.  I am very excited about it.  And since I haven’t had the time to think much about it, I am not feeling nervous just yet.  I know I will be, at least a little bit, when the time comes closer.  I don’t yet know what we will talk about.  Since we have learned a great deal about her in her profile already, I don’t necessarily have a list of questions for her.  The whole purpose of this is for us to tell our future child(ren) as completely as possible the whole process of creating him/her/them.  I would like to describe to my child(ren) the meeting, our donor’s appearance, mannerism, and things that we talked about.  So I think we will just talk a bit about ourselves and what we are like as a couple.  I would also like to learn about her as a person, her likes and dislikes, and her life in the city.  I know that she didn’t have a happy childhood due to her parents’ divorce and her strained relationship with her mother.  So I may not ask her too much about her childhood.  Anyhow, I know that not everyone has the chance to meet with their donor, or has the desire to.  This just feels like the logical next steps for us.  I really hope for a positive and meaningful meeting with Iris.

Tomorrow evening, our night with Phantom has finally arrived!  The crazy me back in January pondered about my potential pregnancy and wondered if I should buy these musical tickets so much in advance risking being seven months pregnant.  Silly me.  Well, good thing I did because the night is almost here!  I am thankful for the decision to live life rather than to wait.  I’ve gotta say, seven months went by really quickly.

Our Vegas trip is from Wednesday to Friday.  Our flight leaves at 8am Wednesday morning, so it doesn’t leave us much time to rest after our Phantom night.  But it’s okay, because I know we will be having fun!  Las Vegas will be extremely hot, so I think most likely we’ll stay indoors.  I really hope that O will wow me!

It is definitely going to be a full week.  Hopefully it will be a fulfilling one too!


6 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Action-Packed Week Ahead

  1. When I was working, ttc and life got put on hold because I was travelling all the time. I came to hate that. So when ttcing, I think you’ve done absolutely the right thing not putting life on hold. Enjoy your trip!


  2. You are very courageous. I hope the meeting went well and you continue to feel confident about your chosen donor. I also hope your busy week goes well and Bob enjoys his last week off. I think telling your future child(ren) you didn’t put life on hold is another valuable life lesson you can share with them.


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