MicroblogMondays: Fertility on “Orphan Black”


I’ve been obsessed with “Orphan Black“, a Sci-Fi thriller that talks about clones.  Anyone out there has seen it?  We are late to the game, as the first season was from 2013.  I watched the first six episodes alone until Bob agreed to watch the first episode with me.  Since then, I have gotten him hooked on the show as well.  Since this show is in the end of its 3rd season, I am not afraid of talking about season one here.  I love how the actress Tatiana Maslany could play so many different characters so vividly.  There is the original hustler clone who is the main character.  And then there are the soccer mom clone, the scientist, clone, the religious-fanatic-serial-killer clone, the suicidal dead cop clone, the German clone, and the cold, evil, and emotionless big-corporation executive clone.  One interesting tidbit that got my attention on the show is about the main character Sarah being the only clone who had the ability to conceive and give birth to her daughter.  All the other clones are infertile. They have been told that they would never give birth to a baby.  Some have resorted to adoption.  Admittedly, if infertility was not my reality, I wouldn’t have given this plot line much attention.  Of course this is an important fact and information about the clones, as fertility is such an important part of a woman’s life.   In one of the scenes, the usually very cold big-corporation executive clone who hired the scientist clone to study all the clones was almost emotional and almost had tears in her eyes when she told the scientist clone to figure out why the main character clone Sarah could have a biological child but none of the other clones could.  I usually hate hate hate that cold cold evil executive clone (although Bob thinks that she is super hot).  However, in that scene, seeing her almost misty eyes, I could empathize with her.  Behind that cold facade, she probably was longing to become a mother as well.  And then, there was this scene where a lady came forward to tell the main character Sarah that she was her birth mother.  Apparently, an embryo was transferred into her that became Sarah.  I was sitting there scratching my head.  Wouldn’t she be a gestational carrier, not a birth mother?  Again, if I hadn’t been so involved in assisted reproductive technology, I probably wouldn’t even blinked when I heard that.  Our own fertility does affect our viewing experience when it comes to TV shows and movies.

(This is an excellent show to watch if anyone is into Sci-Fi thrillers.)


13 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Fertility on “Orphan Black”

  1. I LOVE that infertility is making it’s way into modern TV – although it does bug me that they don’t always bother to get the details right. The more awareness that’s spread, the better it is for all of those facing infertility or that will face it.


  2. I also love that show! Sarah’s crazy twin Helena is also fertile. The scientists did something when they created the clones to prevent them from being able to get pregnant. But for some reason it didn’t work with Sarah and Helena.


    • Yes I just watched the 4th episode of season 2. So I saw how the cult leader made a blastocyst that is about to hatch… Then I was thinking, number one, how do they know when and if her follicle was mature and two, how many did they retrieve from her. And then once the embryo becomes a blastocyst, are they going to transfer it into another person? Did they check that person’s lining to make sure that it’s thick enough and trilaminar. If not, do they have to vitrify the embryo? See my crazy infertile mind? I couldn’t just watch the episode. I had to think about all these things. HAHa.


  3. I am torn when I see ART stuff in entertainment (movies, TV, etc). On the one hand I’m happy they’re drawing attention to it, but then on the other they usually get it so horribly wrong, or make it so simplistic, that I really don’t think it does anything for the general public’s knowledge of infertility other than to give them false information. Then again, I have a feeling this is how doctors and other professionals feel about TV shows or movies about their profession. I know I used to scream at lawyer shows: “No one does a case start to finish in a few days! It’s impossible!!!”


  4. I love that show but have only seen season 1…now we don’t get cable so I have to hope that Netflix or Hulu picks up the show soon….


    • We have been watching on Amazon prime for free (well, after paying for prime) but only season 1 and 2 are free. We plan on watching season 3 on Netflix. I heard that it’s available on Netflix. We just watched ep 4 of season 2. It’s still very good!


  5. Orphan Black sounds like a very interesting show. I almost never managed to actually watch anything on TV consistently but may buy on DVD or something. The weirdest use of infertility in a story line that I every saw was on CSI Cyber (pilot episode). The story involved a crime ring who were hacking into baby cams, stalking the families and then kidnapping the babies who were then auctioned off to people “desperate for children.” Actually what I found weirdest was that the buyers were all foreign (they just played a jumble of Asian/Middle Eastern sound languages) and the babies who were being kidnapped and sold were all American. I’m pretty sure that’s not the direction human trafficking goes in real life. Anyway, I wasn’t inspired to ever watch it again!


  6. I’ll have to check out that show. We love sci fi shows but rarely have time to actually watch anything new. I’ve occasionally been re watching Firefly lately but that’s about it.


  7. I must behind on the times because I have never even heard of this show :/ In the last two years we have really stopped watching tv…and it wasn’t done on purpose. I think life just got busy and by the time we eat supper, clean up, give lil miss foster princess a bath, and then pick up the house and shower ourselves, it’s almost 10pm! I am a night owl and could stay up FOREVER watching TV or reading but the hubs is out like a light. And if I stay up? I feel guilty. LOL!


  8. I know I read fertility-related scenes in books or see them in movies with different eyes.

    I started Orphan Black but couldn’t connect with it. Now I read or play solitaire while Josh watches it.


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