MicroblogMondays: Peace with Baby Bumps


Having emotional stability at home makes a huge difference in the outlook of life.  Plus getting encouraging news again and again also has an amazing effect on my emotions.  All these positive changes mean that I can deal with baby bumps a lot more easily.  Last Wednesday was my presentation to expectant moms.  I was so thankful to God as He put my life back in order again after having a few chaotic weeks.  Otherwise, it would have been a lot more difficult for me to put on a brave face and talk to these pregnant ladies.  I also think I could separate my emotions out because I am passionate about my work.   It really was not bad at all.  There were a total of 15 of these ladies.  I stood there in front of them talking about brain development of babies and the different ways they could interact with their babies from the first day of birth.  Because all the expectant moms were sitting down, I could focus on their faces instead of their big bumps.  I cared more about connecting with them and making sure they understood what I was saying rather than worrying about them being pregnant when I was not.  It was a success.  It has also been going well at work with my pregnant coworkers.  I made small talk with the pregnant ladies at work rather than avoiding them all together.  I sat in the lunch room one day, listening to my engaged pregnant coworker talk about her wedding and altering her dress.  I felt brave.  I didn’t chime in but I did not flee either.  I welcome this change as I do not want to feel even more isolated than I already feel.  I hope that this is an upward trend for my emotions in the next few months as we gear ourselves up for our donor egg cycle.  I like the Isabelle in this state much better than a few weeks ago, when life was grim and the bottom of the pit was dark.  I am slowly climbing out of the pit.  The view is getting better and better.

8 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Peace with Baby Bumps

  1. I love that you are slowly climbing out of the pit and that the view is getting better! It amazing sometimes how much our perspective can change in a few short weeks – I hope you keep climbing up and hold onto the good stuff as it comes. 🙂


  2. I’m so happy for you. Every day like this makes a big difference, or at least it did to me. When you finally get to pay in rather than just having to withdraw and withdraw without any stores left to cover it. I hope you are given plenty more days like these.


  3. I think it’s fantastic what you’re doing with that presentation, despite all you’ve been going through. I may have to pick your brain as I think I’m running out of nursery rhymes. 😉 I couldn’t be happier that things look like they’re finally turning around for you!


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