MicroblogMondays: Anniversary Dinner


Last year’s anniversary we had our epic celebration, which was a trip to Macau gifted by my dad.  This year’s anniversary was much more low key.  Since it landed on a Thursday, we opted for dinner on Sunday instead.  I always appreciate a great experience at a restaurant that would make the meal memorable.  Our choice this year proved to be perfect.  Our reservation was at 5:45pm.  We arrived on time and were promptly seated by the window.  Since it was so early, there was still ample daylight from the outside.  My husband, as promised, enjoyed his dinner with me without the distraction of his mobile phone.  I really liked our server.  She was prompt, pleasant, helpful, but not overbearing at all.  And she was pretty.


Thanks to my designated driver, I got to enjoy a glass of cocktail.  You can see it as the silver lining for an infertile person who is definitely not pregnant.

Our dinner started with this very tasty dish, uni flan.  I guess uni is something that you either hate or love.  I happen to love love love uni.  This dish was an excellent way to sample sea urchin.


Next was fried mushrooms.  It was so good!  It was just made and very hot. I appreciate really hot food.  The seasoning was just right and the outside was crispy.


Next up was the Amberjack sashimi dish mixed with citrus and watermelon.  The taste was very refreshing and different from the previous two dishes.


Bob had the chef’s seafood risotto.  Everything in this dish was just right.  My dish was the highlight of the dinner: squid ink spaghettini.  The broth was complex and flavorful.  The squid ink pasta was al dente.  The seafood was fresh.  It was perfectly executed.


It definitely helps to put down “wedding anniversary dinner” on the online reservation form.  The honey lavender ice cream was on the house.  Since there was a candle on it, I made a wish that we have been making every single time a candle was placed on a dessert dish in front of either one of us: getting pregnant and having a baby.


It was an absolute delight for the two of us to enjoy this anniversary dinner so much.  I am hopeful that our next anniversary dinner will be joined by an extra person inside my tummy.   I will update all of you soon on our progress of donor selection.


12 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Anniversary Dinner

  1. Happy belated anniversary! That meal looks to-die-for delicious (the cocktail on the other hand didn’t appeal to me at all but they could be my serious wine craving talking ;-)). I’m so glad you were able to enjoy this meal and each other’s company. Our anniversary is this Thursday. Your post has made me excited!


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that cocktail a pisco sour by any chance? It definitely looks like one, and now you’ve given me a craving!! Happy anniversary. April 30th is definitely the best day ever to have a wedding. 😉


    • Someone knows her cocktail! It’s called Niebla Sour named by the restaurant, but it did use BarSol pisco. It was very good! April 30, 2011 was the best day ever for a wedding. I knew you would agree. 😉


  3. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I always go out for dinner on our anniversary. 31 years later, it is still special. Glad yours was too.


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