MicroblogMondays: Adults On Board!


I have always had issues with “Baby On Board” stickers.


Whenever I see them, I complain to Bob that 1) these people with babies are gloating about their precious little ones and have to share the news with the world, and 2) they think that only cars with babies deserve extra care and protection from other motorists.  Babies’ lives are precious.  However, all human beings need safety on the road, don’t they?  Shouldn’t we all put safety first when we drive???  Does it mean that we don’t have to drive carefully when such a sticker isn’t shown on the windshield because let’s say, not everyone is lucky enough to have a baby?  Why are “Baby On Board” stickers necessary?  Another smug way to distinguish the ones with children from the childless ones?

They just make no sense to me. 

I was so happy to see this one day when I was driving to work:

photo (47)

You probably can’t see the sticker on the right side of the rear windshield of the car in front of mine.   I found a better picture on Goo.gle for you:


I love it!  It speaks to me. 

Maybe as an infertile person, I am just jealous.  Or not.


30 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Adults On Board!

  1. I use a baby on board sticker, although it’s not actually stuck on but sitting under the window (why? I dunno, my husband put in there). I use it because I’m hoping that other drivers will give me a bit of leeway if I get distracted, or maybe they will give me some extra room. I have no idea if it works or not, but I’ll try anything that might help! I absolutely agree that everybody should be practicing safe driving regardless of who is in the car. My stepmother in law’s son was killed by a driver who ran a red light because she was texting. Yes, he was an adult (age 26) but he was still someone’s child.


  2. Hi, I think this may be my first time commenting. I am a long time reader of your blog. I love your honesty. BTW – those little signs always bothered me as well. I was told by someone once that the sign is to alert first responders in the event of an accident to be aware of the baby. Now they just make a little more sense to me.


  3. I sign that.
    What I find even worse, are the little stick figure stickers with the names of the little ones added below. It makes me cringe every time I see this. (Despite being a mother. Hence it has nothing to do with jealousy.)


    • Interestingly, I am less bothered by that. I don’t know why. Maybe because it doesn’t imply anything about safety of others. At times, I do look at them, count the number of kids and then roll my eyes.


  4. This is how I feel about those stick figure families…blarrrrgggg….I can’t stand them and I am not even sure why. Certainly it has something to do with my infertility….but not completely. I COULD go out and get a stick figure family of me, hubby and two dogs….but I just can’t stand the stick figure family. Besides…I can tell by your minivan with three car seats in the back that you have a few little ones! (I once saw a window sticker of a T-Rex eating stick figures and it made me giggle even though it’s morbid).

    As for the baby on board thing – my hubby is a fire fighter and he said that those signs can help determine if a baby is in the car…especially if the car seat itself is not visible. That makes me feel a LITTLE bit better about them … I do love the one you saw though, LOL!


  5. That’s awesome! I love it!

    And I feel the same way about those stupid stick figure stickers. I’ve always felt like they were gloating. I saw a van the other day with 10 stick figures- two parents and eight kids. The funny thing was, I was sitting in my car counting out loud, and when I looked at the woman in the car next two me- she was pointing and counting, too! Hilarious when we caught sight of each other doing exactly the same thing! Lol!


  6. I love that. I’ve never seen that version, but it’s such a great response to the Baby on Board sign. I feel the same way. I more helpful sign is “student driver” or “elderly driver.” Something that would help others be patient.


  7. Lol, I love it, Isabelle. I have always hated when parents expect special treatment from the world just because they have a child. I felt that way before wanting kids, through infertility, and still now after having my baby.

    Once, back before I was even thinking about kids, a woman left a note on my car at our apartment complex rudely telling me not to pull so far forward in my spot because SOME people who were carrying a baby carrier preferred to walk in front of the cars through the parking lot (which didn’t even make sense as my spot bordered the edge of the parking garage). It was very self-righteous and demanding, and I remember being seriously ticked at her attitude of thinking the world should cater to her and her carseat. I crumpled the note on the ground and then proceeded to pull as far forward as possible every time I parked just to prove my point. LOL, not very mature of me, but even before infertility I found that kind of self-centered parenting maddening.


    • Hey Annie! Nice to hear from you! Wow that woman… yes people do expect special treatment. She actually had the guts to write a note??? It was your parking spot! Crazy….


  8. I used to hate these too until I heard the reason behind them…I heard that it’s for fireman, police, etc to know that a child is inside and run to see if it needs saved, etc in the event of an accident. I don’t know if that’s why most people use them or not though


  9. I actually work on a project in which we attempt to value people’s lives (you need it e.g. for cost benefit analysis of certain health or environmental policies). There is a huge debate on whether the value of a person’s life depends on their age. You’d probably value the life of a 3 year old more than that of a 97 year old, simply because a 3 year old has a whole life ahead. But it’s much harder to say whether the life of a 40 year old is less valuable than the life of a 37 year old..
    I don’t have a clear cut answer to this but in general I agree with you and love the “adults on board” sign! xx


  10. I hate those stupid signs but I also look at it from the point of view of valuing one’s privacy. In fact, the police around here have publicly advised people NOT to use the stick people stickers as there have been instances of child predators being able to learn too much about your kids, or even their names, etc. The “Baby on Board” thing made me laugh because I have an irritating co-worker who recently returned from mat leave and left early anytime it started to snow because “now that she was a mother” it was more important than ever to get home safely. I guess the rest of us could stick around until 5 pm and die.


  11. I’ve always thought it was kind of weird to basically announce to all the “bad ppl” that you are driving around pretty much vulnerable to attack because you have babies in the car you have to protect. Seems dangerous to announce it so openly in this day and age. Kind of like the stick families. “Yes creepy pedophile, I have 3 teenage girls.” I don’t know if that makes any sense but it’s enough to keep me from posting a baby on board sticker or a stick family.


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