Very Last Scan and a Little Freak-Out

Today was the cycle day thirteen scan.  I prayed this morning for God’s will to be done.  I was a little nervous about the lining and was even having dreams that I was having a period instead of a growing lining.  Last night, I consulted with Dr. Goog.le for a little and then stopped because I didn’t want to freak myself out.  Let’s just say that I was freaking out the whole morning not because of the lining.

I mentioned to my friend Jo about the HCG shot that expired in January 2015.  This is something that I could have used a mere 26 days ago and nobody would have said a thing about it because it hadn’t expired.  I had a discussion about it with my acupuncturist before who was told by her RE that it was fine to use expired fertility drugs within six months of expiration.  So I never thought anything about it until Jo was saying that I should be cautious about it and should consult with my own RE.  I emailed my nurse and got the answer that they can’t allow me to use expired medication.  If I were to get a new dose from a local pharmacy today, it would cost $270.  This is something that I could’ve ordered early and paid $110 for.  I remember that my other local friend has a Ovid.rel.  I didn’t know if that and the 10,000IU HCG are the same thing.  So if I could use my friend’s Ovid.rel, then I wouldn’t have to pay so much for the meds last minute.  I had to email my nurse to see if Ovid.rel was okay to use.  I didn’t hear from her until after lunch.  By then, I had already called several pharmacies to check on pricing and shipping to be ready if trigger would be tomorrow instead of today.  Finally, I had heard from my nurse saying that Ovid.rel was okay to use.  I could pick it up from my friend after work if we indeed trigger tonight.  You see, I did all of this in between seeing clients at work.  I was so stressed out that I didn’t even have the time to worry about the scan.  At one point, I stopped myself and told myself that it was okay to pay $270 for a medication if I really need it.  After that, I felt much better and was not stressed out anymore.

I got to my appointment 10 minutes early hoping that I would be seen early like last time.  The lady in front of me went to the bathroom.  The nurse came out three times to call her name and she was still in the bathroom.  They finally connected but it was cutting into my appointment time.  My time was at 1:15pm and I had to be back at work by 2pm to see my clients.  I got called back in quickly but had to wait for the Nurse Practitioner for about five minutes.  Since my mind was still preoccupied by the trigger shot, I was not really too focused on the scan.  NP took a little while to find the lining.  She said it measured 7.7mm.  Then she shifted the view of the scan to find a better view.  She measured that instead and said it was 7.8mm.  I was a little worried about the thickness but she said that anything over 7mm is good.  In fact, she showed me the section of the lining that showed these three very clear stripes.  She told me that two days ago I also had a trilaminar pattern but it wasn’t as defined and “beautiful” as today.  Today she called it “beautiful” a few times.  I don’t know how to judge the beauty of the endometrial lining but I will take her word for it.  She said that that pattern is more important than the thickness.  Plus the lining will continue to grow.  I guess I won’t worry about it until my RE says something otherwise.

At first the follicle on the right side was 17 or 17.5mm.  She measured it one more time pushing on my ovary to get a better view.  She said she really wanted to measure it well but even one mm would make a big difference.  She was very careful and measured it again.  Then she announced that it was 18mm.  This time I got to see the view and saw a nice big round dark circle.  She went on to measure the left side. The follicle was 15mm.  The cyst-like structure outside of the ovary was still the same size.  It seems like the left follicle has been growing slowly, so I don’t know if that affects the egg quality or not, or if there is even an egg.  With the size of the follicles, NP said she would imagine that Dr. No Nonsense would recommend triggering tonight.

I went on to tell the NP how stressed my morning was with the whole trigger shot question.  She told me that the shelf life of the powder form of medication usually lasts a lot longer than liquids.  So she thought that it would be okay to use the expired meds.  But to make sure, she went ahead and asked the attending RE.  It happened to be Dr. Keikoman and he gave his Okay for me to use the trigger shot tonight confirming the NP’s point that powder form should be fine.  Thank you!  I was so relieved after talking to her and getting a reproductive endocrinologist’s confirmation.  I  guess this is the price I pay for going to a big clinic when you can get many different opinions and answers to questions.  This would never happen at the little clinic that I cycled with because Dr. E would have told me yes or no a long time ago.

I was told to wait in the waiting room for the nurse to get my paperwork ready assuming that we would trigger tonight.  The NP would email Dr. NN to confirm trigger.  I waited and was a little worried about going back to work on time.  By the time I was called back in it was 1:45pm.  I signed the usual paperwork and was shown the order typed up by Dr. NN.  I nodded looking at the items such as ICSI and assisted hatching until I saw that the number of embryos transferred was 6.  SIX!?!  I am NOT going to transfer 6 embryos.  The remarks section said something like “one fresh embryo and thaw three frozen embryos and transfer whatever is viable”.  One plus three does not equal six.  Dr. NN did not do the math right.  So I had to explain to the nurse the following: if we make one embryo, we’re thawing three of the best ones to transfer four; if we make two embryos (which became a possibility now), we would thaw two embryos and transfer four; If we make no embryos, we will still thaw three and transfer three, and leave the two other frozen ones to be thaw at the next fresh cycle.  I made sure that she understood before we moved on.

The nurse went on to explain all the instructions for retrieval and transfer.  Beta is going to be on March 17th, which is 15dp2dt.  Wouldn’t I die of waiting??? My last transfer’s beta was on 8dp5dt.  I guess I will either have to request for an early day or I have to POAS.  I’m pretty sure that my period will not come yet if I am still on progesterone.  So either way, I will have to POAS to make sure that I don’t go insane.  Since this is something out of pocket, we’ll have to get my beta done at Kai.ser, my current insurance provider.  I will have to email my OB/GYN that I have never met in person.  Or I can pay out of pocket at a different lab.  So the nurse went on and on about everything.  I looked at the watch and it was already 2pm.  By the time we were done, we were inching towards 2:05pm.  I was already late to get back to work.  She then told me that they needed to do a physical and history.  I really didn’t have time for that so I would go back tomorrow for it.  I ran back to work and was 15 minutes late for my next client.  Oh well.

The nurse later called and confirmed trigger to be tonight at 9pm and retrieval will be on Saturday at 7am.  We will have to arrive at 6:15am and call the IVF room directly since no one will be at the clinic until 7am.  This is really really early but it’s okay.  Transfer will be on Monday.  I will have to book my acupuncture appointments.  It is preferably done before and after transfer.  However, I don’t think my acupuncturist can do it before my transfer so I have to settle for one session after unless I can find someone else to do it.

Friends, this is getting real!  Hopefully this is the very last trigger shot that I will ever need.  I hope that the follicles are doing well and I will continue to do Maya massage self care to help with the follicles and the lining.  I have a Maya massage appointment tomorrow and I had my mom make me bone broth to help with my body as recommended by my acupuncturist at yesterday’s session.  I am doing everything I can do make it happen. The rest is up to God.  Please pray and think very good thoughts for those follicles for them to have mature eggs inside.  Thank you so much!  I will update after our retrieval on Saturday.


16 thoughts on “Very Last Scan and a Little Freak-Out

  1. Wow. High anxiety lead up to trigger! I am sending prayers and will keep you in my thoughts. I echo your wish for this to be your last trigger (at least for keeper-baby #1… Never say never!). Hugs and high hopes!


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