Two Follicles

Today is cycle day 11.  Bob couldn’t come to my scan today since it was in the afternoon.   I was flying solo.  My favorite nurse practitioner (NP) was the one who did the scan.  We hadn’t seen each other since November so I was very excited to see that she was the one who did the measurements.  She is always very thorough, more so than most of the REs I have seen there.   Going in, I was feeling a teeny tiny bit nervous, but not overly so.  When I was walking to the clinic from work, I was preparing myself to receive any not-so-good news: lining not growing, one follicle shrinking and disappearing, or whatever crazy things could happen in a cycle.  When I lay down on the table, I couldn’t  see the ultrasound screen due to the angle.  I usually would request to see it.  Today I didn’t even care.  I just let NP do her thing instead of staring at the screen trying to decipher what was on it.  NP was very focused on the screen without talking for quite many seconds.  I didn’t think anything of it, although she reassured me that nothing was wrong.  She just needed to bypass my fibroid in the back in order to take the measurement of the lining.  The lining was still trilaminar, 7.1mm.  I was wondering in my mind if that was good enough, though I realize that this is still early and it has a few more days to do its thing.  She went on to measure the follicles.  Without looking at the screen, I felt very calm.  It is what it is, right?  She first announced that the follicle on the right was 14mm.  Good, I thought.  I didn’t have much expectation for the follicle on the left.  Then she said, 14mm on the left.  Really?  Wow.  I asked if it was the cyst rather than the follicle.  She examined it for a little longer, then she said, It’s definitely a follicle because of its structure.  She then found the third structure that seemed to be outside of the ovary or something like that.  It could be the cyst.  It was 12mm so it’s definitely shrinking.  So guys, we have two follicles measuring the same!  This is so unexpected since it’s a natural cycle with no Letro.zole or  I am very pleased with what my ovaries decided to do.  Since we usually trigger at around 18mm, NP thought that Dr. No Nonsense would want me to wait two more days.  She told me to make an appointment at the front desk for a Thursday appointment.  She would talk to Dr. NN and call me.  I went ahead and made an appointment.  When that was done, I waited for the elevator.  When the elevator door was closing behind me, I heard my name and quickly pressed the “open” button.  NP was yelling out my name for me to go back into the clinic.  She had just emailed Dr. NN who quickly returned her email. She thought that it was better for us to talk in person than for her to call me on the phone.  I was situated in one of the empty ultrasound room when she went back to read her email one more time for the instructions.  Then she returned to tell me that Dr. NN wanted me to inject two vials of Meno.pur and one dose of Ganir.elix.  For those who are not familiar with the meds, Meno.pur is used to help boost the growth of the follicles, and Genir.elix is for holding off ovulation.  I am pleased with what Dr. NN wants to do because I do want to give both follicles a chance to grow.  We are to do this tonight and tomorrow night.  When I return on Thursday, my follicles (or one of them) will most likely grow to about 18mm.  I anticipate the trigger shot to be done Thursday night, egg retrieval on Saturday, and embryo transfer on Monday.

This is the best outcome that I could hope for at today’s appointment.  I didn’t expect two follicles, let alone both of the same size.  Praise the Lord that we have good news today.  I hope to keep the same zen attitude and wait for things to unfold.  This is getting real, friends.  🙂


20 thoughts on “Two Follicles

  1. That is all so great! And your lining is sounding really good if it is already over 7mm. I will be thinking of you and looking out for more updates soon. Fingers crossed it all keeps going so well x


  2. Fantastic! Oh the body and its lack of consideration for our plans. She’s foiled your previous efforts at retrieval and here’s this wonderful surprise!


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