MicroblogMondays: I Am Not The Only One

Microblog_Mondays So, my Dear Colleague who knows everything about my fertility treatment is also a source of information for me at work.  She has a way of finding out things about others that I will never be able to find out.   One day she went to a social function and hung out with a bunch of work people including my supervisor.  My Dear Colleague was commenting on my Pregnant Coworker, wondering why she would announce her pregnancy so early at 7 weeks.  Once she said that, people started rolling their eyes and grumbling about how Pregnant Coworker is over the top with her talk about her pregnancy.   They said that she mentions about her pregnancy every time she opens her mouth.  One time a manufacturer representative said that he would bring chocolate to a presentation.  Pregnant Coworker immediately said that she couldn’t eat any chocolate because the caffeine is not good for her pregnancy.  My supervisor said she audibly let out a sound of disgust once she heard that.  My supervisor also said this, “Oh and she has the guts to be talking about her pregnancy right in Isabelle’s face.”  Wow, I didn’t know that Pregnant Coworker has been that obvious and other people have been watching us.  I have never told my supervisor about our fertility journey.  However, about a year ago, she was riding with my Dear Colleague in a car.  She did mention to my Dear Colleague that she didn’t want to pry or ask for details, but she wanted to know if Bob and I were okay.  My Dear Colleague didn’t tell her details but just told her to think very good thoughts for us.  That was around the time we had our chemical pregnancy.  I know that work people have probably been wondering about us because we’ve been married for almost four years but still have no babies.  I kind of feel a bit vindicated that I am not the only person who thought that my Pregnant Coworker is a bit over the top with her pregnancy.  My supervisor apparently is going to start trying after her overseas honeymoon in a month.  I hope that she will be more sensitive and compassionate when/if she needs to announce her pregnancy.  And that she will also be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate, unlike my Pregnant Coworker who worries about the trace amount of caffeine in it.

16 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: I Am Not The Only One

  1. Your Pregnant Coworker needs to stop bothering everyone! Pregnancy – unless you are a desperate infertile – is really a rather normal thing to go through so she doesn’t need to be the non-stop centre of attention.. good luck!


  2. That coworker sounds so annoying. For the record, i ate plenty of chocolate during both miracle pregnancies and have two healthy kids. Also drank coffee daily. There are extremes some women go to. Its ridiculous how some women feel the need to publicly announce whst they are consuming or not consuming bc of pregnancy.


  3. Of course you’re not the only one–PC is so ego-centric. Not a bridezilla, but a pregzilla. Honestly, she’s going to alienate everyone at your workplace with all her non-step pregnancy talk.


  4. YEah! validation is SO important.

    and really? talking about chocolate like that? have fun with your pregnancy without chocolate, dear pregnant coworker. It’s important that you voice your concern over it rather just simply not eating chocolate if it were to show up.


  5. I’m not surprised that others have noticed how insufferable your coworker’s behaviour has been. It seems like it would be hard not to. She’s going to alienate herself very quickly if it keeps going like this. Workplaces are little rumour mills and I’m not surprised your supervisor and others may have figured out something’s up…and it’s nice to know they are on your side in this one.


  6. PC makes me wonder if I was that bad when I was pregnant, although I usually tried not to bring it up. I was so excited to finally be pregnant and I loved it so much that it was all I thought about.
    I’m interested to know how she is in a year. I’ll bet she’s the mom who brags about how advanced her child is and tells everyone about every milestone, grade, and award he/she hits. Ugh. Good luck with her!


  7. It’s nice to know that there are people who have your back at work (even if there are people who are the salt in the wound at work, too). I have to imagine a supervisor who has the forethought to point out the insensitivity would also have the forethought to comport herself in a way that gives you a little breathing space if/when she gets pregnant.


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