MicroblogMondays: Simple Sunday Pleasures


Truly grateful for the simple pleasures in life on a Sunday:

  • A rainstorm that is much needed for our severe drought in California
  • Being on the passenger side rather than behind the wheel in the rain, thanks to my wonderful husband (due to my rational/not-so-rational fear of driving in the rain because of my two rain-related car accidents in my life)
  • Finding a parking spot right outside of church, which almost never happens, especially on a stormy day
  • Greeting fellow church goers, who were mostly drenched from the rain, with a big smile on my face
  • Holding one of my favorite babies
  • A thought-provoking sermon that stimulates my mind about the meaning of life
  • Compliments from quite a few people for the dress I was wearing (which was chosen only because of the other preferred jeans and pants all being in the wash)
  • Dry feet thanks to the protection from my new long leather boots
  • A delicious mexican torta with beef cheeks paired with the yummiest salsa and unusually crunchy and tasty tortilla chips at our favorite taqueria
  • After lunch, running back to the car with Bob both with flipped umbrellas, laughing like two crazy kids
  • A restful afternoon at home with Bible reading and time to marinate the pork tenderloin for dinner
  • Finalizing details for Bob’s birthday next weekend and getting excited for booking our Valentine’s day 90-minute Thai massage appointment
  • Lying in bed with my husband enjoying an episode of Six Feet Under
  • Spontaneous, unplanned, impromptu (I can’t emphasize more on the “unscheduled” aspect), fun, and intimate lovemaking solely for the purpose of enjoyment and pleasure rather than procreation
  • Feeling safe inside our house while listening to the gusty wind blowing outside
  • And finally, what I’ve been looking forward to: clean sheets for a great night sleep and no more freaking out about dead skin cells!

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