MicroblogMondays: Phantom


Phantom of the Opera is going to be in town.  From mid-August to early October, to be exact.

Bob and I watched Wicked at the same theatre five years ago.  We had such a fantastic time.  I would love to watch the Producers, but I will watch any musicals that come to town.  I had seen Phantom before, but Bob hasn’t.  So I would LOVE to watch it with him.

I know it’s a bit crazy to buy tickets for a musical so far in advance.  But that’s what people do if they want good seats, right? The last time we were at that theatre, we sat in the Orchestra section in the back.  The view was good, but this time I want to try upstairs so we can see the ceiling and the whole view of the stage more clearly.  I am not willing to pay $205 for premium seats in the Premium Orchestra section or in the Loge.  I found that the seats one row or two behind the Premium Loge section are $100 to $105.  Much more gentle on our budget.  I was clicking on all the different dates and was even looking into end of September or beginning of October for row D, which is right behind the $205 seats.

A small voice came into my head, asking: What if you’re pregnant then?  What if you’re seven months pregnant and need bed rest because you’re carrying twins?  What if you’re not pregnant but you need to go out of town for donor egg cycles?

How do I plan so far ahead for all the uncertainty in this fertility journey?

I hate it when I have doubts.

I am glad I have a husband like Bob.  He said, “Well, we have got to live life.  If you’re pregnant with twins and can’t go, I will be more than happy to give away the tickets to the doctor who helped you get pregnant.  Let’s just buy them.”

So I did!

photo (42)

I managed to find tickets on a Tuesday night in late August, two rows behind the Premium Loge $205 seats pretty close to the middle.  I figured if I got pregnant, I would only be six months pregnant.  I should be able to move around and enjoy a musical, right?

I surely hope that my little miracle will be enjoying Phantom of the Opera with us inside of me.

Even if it’s not the case, we still get to live life, doing what we want to do without the fear of the future and uncertainty.

And that’s important.


17 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Phantom

  1. So random: I had ‘Music of the Night’ stuck inside my head yesterday. I last saw Phantom over five years ago. I’m struggling to think of a thank you gift for our RE and his staff, and the tickets are a great idea! If you can’t go, you’re sorted for a gift, but I hope you get to go.


  2. Yes! I was doing this for so long…”what if I’m pregnant then”…and not plan trips etc…well, 3 years later and now, I’m all about just planning and then being THRILLED to cancel something when I’m pregnant and can’t attend…I really hope you are pregnant then too…and I’m sure that baby will love the musical just as much as you and Bob 🙂 xoxo


  3. I love Phantom!! I just watched it a month ago when I was in Hong Kong. It’s my absolute favourite musical. I’ve seen it 4 times now! A little ridiculous.

    I always have doubts as well. My cousin is having a wedding reception in Hong Kong in August. I have already committed to going, and I’m very excited to just get away. But if we start treatment in Feb, and I’m pregnant in March, would I still be okay to travel in August? Little thought like this happens to me all the time. Like your hubs, I always have to remind myself to just keep living my life.

    Good luck!! Hope Phantom’s spirit is with you!! xoxo


  4. Truth. This journey takes so much away from us that we have to put our foot down at some time. Life shouldn’t be put on hold. It’s not fair or healthy. But, I totally hope you have to give those tickets away!


  5. Fantastic! I love Bob’s reply when you hesitated about the tickets. I think in times of uncertainty it is great to have something to look forward to because then you can visualize a future, instead of uncertainty like a bottomless pit in front of you.


  6. Loooove Phantom! Our first dance was to All I Want. I think its wonderful that you’re going to see it together, hopefully pregnant. 🙂
    I’ve seen The Producers too and loved it. Definitely go see it if you have a chance.


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