Interesting Proposition

What do you know?  There are always twists and turns in an IVF cycle.

On Friday, I was waiting for my nurse to email me or call me.  I didn’t hear from her, so I emailed her early afternoon.  I had had this idea in my mind that maybe we could still do a frozen embryo transfer even if the cycle had been canceled.  I felt that I could probably still transfer the best three embryos (all the four-celled grade ones) if there is no retrieval.  If they don’t take, then we could do a fresh next cycle in February and transfer the remaining frozen embryos and be done with my own eggs.  I asked my nurse to ask Dr. No Nonsense if the cyst would interfere with a transfer if we do indeed decide to do an FET.  Being a responsible nurse, she wrote me back immediately and let me know that Dr. NN was on vacation.  But she emailed him already and hoped to connect with me next Monday or Tuesday.

Alright then.  I guess I could wait.

Around 4:45pm, my phone rang.  I looked at the number and was surprised that it was my clinic.  It was my nurse calling.  She connected with Dr. NN already.  He told her to let me know that he suggested me taking Letro.zole despite having a cyst.  If I don’t respond to the meds, but if the lining is good, we can still decide to transfer the frozen embryos.


I never thought that I could take any meds with a big cyst in my ovary.  Nurse said, there is nothing to lose.  If I don’t grow some follicles, the lining might still be good for a transfer as the cyst doesn’t interfere with the lining.

Okay.  I was like, let me try to understand what you’re asking me to do.  So I take Letro.zole tonight for five days. Then return on cycle day eight for a scan.  If I respond to the meds, then we’ll do a retrieval.  If not, but if the lining is good, then we’ll transfer?

Yup, you got it!  She said.

What about my cyst?  I asked.  Wouldn’t it grow bigger?

Nurse said we won’t know.  That’s why we’re monitoring you.


I hope that they’re not wrong.  I really don’t want my cyst to grow bigger and rupture.  But I do know that other REs would also suggest continuing with the cycle even when the patients have a cyst.  So we’re taking a risk.

So… our cycle is tentatively back on.  I started Letro.zole since yesterday, which was cycle day three.  Apparently it’s okay to be on it from CD3 to CD7 instead of CD2 to CD6.  Thinking about it, I probably didn’t have to fret about going in on cycle day two for the baseline ultrasound.

I am a bit skeptical about what is going to happen.  Bob is very skeptical and a bit worried about the cyst.  But this time, I choose to trust the doctor to see what may happen.  Today there was a dull throbbing ache on my left ovary.  I don’t know if it’s something that I imagine, or it is really there.  I hope that the castor oil pack that I did tonight helps.  I plan on doing it daily until my scan next Wednesday.

Thank you so much for your support in my last post.  This process is such a roller coaster.  It would probably be a lot harder to get over these setbacks if I didn’t have all of you who understand what I am going through.

So IVF cycle number eight is back on.  My prayer these past few days has been that I will trust in the Lord in all that He has planned for us and not to let fear take over.

Please pray that I focus on the Lord again, instead of on the fear of the future.


8 thoughts on “Interesting Proposition

  1. That is indeed a twist. An exciting one. So of course there is fear; but you’ve got this. I’ve no doubt you can stomp out the fear and let your gut and the RE that you trust guide you through this. Stand tall. 🙂

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  2. Thinking of you! It’s so hard to have a canceled cycle, so I’m thankful it’s back on, but that he’s also monitoring you. I didn’t have a baseline once when I took Clomid and took it anyway. I had a cyst, but it didn’t hurt the cyst or make it any bigger- just thought I would share that. I didn’t have any follicles, but that shouldn’t hinder the transfer at least. Good luck to you! Hoping for some awesome news to start your new year!


  3. Oh wow, what an unexpected turn of events! How exciting, and I imagine quite scary too. My previous clinic always cancelled for cysts, but my most recent clinic were quite blasé about them – they just told me that follicles would grow regardless and if the cyst grew too then they would aspirate it at egg collection. Good luck, I’ve got everything crossed for you x


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