MicroblogMondays: Order and Healing


In this journey, it’s inevitable that we’ll encounter a time that requires healing to move on.  Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving weekend once again called for such a time.  My emotions recovered rather quickly after the initial blow of a failed fertilization.  We attended my brother’s thanksgiving dinner and socialized with others as if nothing major had happened.  However, when late night came, the heart-wrenching feeling returned.  Despite that, I did not lose any sleep.  I woke up refreshed but immediately was reminded of the fact that we would not be receiving a day-two embryology report.  I had a strong urge to do something mindless and productive.  So this is what I did:

photo 1

photo 2


Standing in the sunlight-infused kitchen, I replenished my spice containers and filled spices that were not already labeled in new containers.  I lined them up in my spice cabinet.  Seeing all my spices neatly displayed somehow brought the  much needed order in my life and allowed the first moment of healing to take place.  It may sound strange to find comfort in spice jars but that was exactly how I felt.  I needed order.  I needed control.  And this was what I could control in my life the day after receiving bad news.

Onwards and upwards.


(Food also brings healing.  This is a picture of the three-month belated birthday brunch for my niece’s sweet 16.

photo 3

Huevos Rancheros, duck confit egg benedict, and creole crab cake with eggs.)


10 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Order and Healing

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your cycle hon. After everything you went through this cycle, I just can’t believe this is the outcome. Sending you so much love and strength and prayers for this new cycle. I completely understand feeling better after doing some organizing. Your spices look great and that breakfast looks amazing!


  2. So sorry that you are dealing the aftermath of the failed cycle. I also like to order things in my environment as a way to feel in control. Sometimes it really does help! take care of yourself. xo


  3. I remember this feeling all too well. I would always throw myself back into a regimented fitness program after a bad cycle…it made me feel like I had control over at least ONE aspect of my life.


  4. I’m sorry about the fert report, but I so get how controlling physical objects and organizing them can bring much needed peace. As one organizer to another.


  5. I’m very impressed with your spices! …and yes, food always is a great thing to start the healing process. You are so strong to go celebrate thanksgiving like nothing happened. Thinking of you. xoxo


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