MicroBlogMondays: Time for a Trip!


In light of all the hiccups in our cycle, I really really need something to look forward to.  I have two weeks off in December.  Going away for a few days would be a wonderful way to conclude our year, albeit one that is without a pregnancy or a baby.  Bob was hesitant in spending money on anything since saving up for donor egg cycles is not a joke.  However, it’s no fun to spend every single penny on fertility treatments.  After some talking and persuading, he softened up and agreed to ask his boss for a few days off.  Being granted those days off is fantastic especially since he hasn’t been with this company for long.  I searched and made careful considerations.  I wanted a location more than two hours away but not farther than four hours away.  Along the Pacific Ocean coastline would be ideal.  And a bed and breakfast with good breakfast and within walking distance to restaurants and attractions would be a bonus.  I am happy to announce that we found such a location with such an accommodation!  Pacific Grove is the destination and this nice inn is where we will stay.  What is even better is that this inn offers a 20% discount for Sunday to Wednesday if we mention Ye.lp during booking.  We got a very good deal for December 28 to December 31.  After I confirmed everything, my dear husband began to be very excited about the trip as well.  I originally wanted to spend the end of my two-week wait on the trip post transfer.  At the rate that my current cycle is going, I know that it is very likely that Bob and I will be walking on a beach without any embryos inside of me.  But that’s okay.  I am very grateful that we are still able to get away for a few days.  Always look on the bright side, right?


12 thoughts on “MicroBlogMondays: Time for a Trip!

  1. I can completely relate to this. We just got back from a little trip to the mountains. It was just what we needed. We are in the same boat. Our donor just completed her cycle. My poor husband is also stressed about money. While in the long run it is a small price to pay, the upfront price tag is daunting.


  2. I think you totally have the right attitude. It’s so hard not to put everything on hold while waiting for your baby, but you guys are rising to the challenge! That looks and sounds like a gorgeous – and much deserved – getaway. Have a wonderful time!


  3. You definitely need to do something nice for yourselves every once in a while during IF treatments, even if it costs a bit. It will help keep you sane. Enjoy every second of your vacation!


  4. Even just a few days away, with some sea air blowing out the cobwebs, can make you feel renewed. And will give you something to look forward to over the next month or so.


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