Two Months Before Pregnancy?

My nurse never sent me an email to schedule a post-embryo cryopreservation consult with my RE, like she did last time.  So I emailed her and asked for one.  She responded saying that one was not necessary because we’d do another cycle with the same protocol and Dr. No Nonsense would be gone most of the rest of October and most of November.  If I wanted to chat with him I’d have to wait until November or even December.

What???  So I wrote her back asking her to ask Dr. No Nonsense a few questions about my next cycle: same protocol? Estrogen priming? Cycle again without a break? And most importantly, I would still like to schedule a phone consultation with him to discuss the plans for transfer.

She responded a couple of hours later answering all of my questions.  Yes I can cycle again next month with the same protocol including estrogen priming.  To my pleasant surprise, she said that my RE would call me that evening between 5 and 7pm.

I was very happy to be able to talk with him.  That was the day when we found out that we now have frozen two 4-celled grade 1 embryos from this cycle.  It would be great to discuss with him about how great and unexpected this cycle had turned.  I was also grateful that I didn’t have to wait for a month before being able to just talk to him on the phone for five minutes.

I deliberately chose a route where I could quickly stop the car and talk to Dr. No Nonsense.  He called at 6pm from what I assume is his cell phone.  Now I have his cell phone number but I don’t dare calling.  Anyways, the first ring of the phone didn’t connect us.  I stopped the car right at the tail end of Ocean Beach and waited for him to call again.  Luckily we got connected the second time.

I was so touched by Dr. No Nonsense’s excitement about the outcome of the cycle.  He sounded so pleased with our two 4-celled grade 1 embryos.  We talked a little bit about it.  Then we went onto the very important questions: When to transfer and how many embryos to transfer.

He asked me the number of embryos we wanted to transfer.  I bounced the ball back to his court and asked him for his recommendation.  His answer shocked me.  He said, “Let’s put them all back in!”  I was like, “What? All five of them?!?!”

He asked me how old I was.  I told him again.  Then he said, “We’ll transfer four in December.  If we get one embryo for that fresh cycle, then we’ll thaw three embryos and put back four.  If we get two embryos, then we’ll thaw two and transfer four.  If we don’t get any embryos, then we won’t transfer.”

I was still a bit shocked at the number four.  I know that my embryos are day two embryos… but four sounds like a lot.

He said that for my age, they usually recommend transferring three to four.  At my age, the chances of the embryos being abnormal are quite high.  So he would like to increase my chances and help me get pregnancy as quickly as possible.  So we’ll thaw the best looking embryos in December.

Wow… we have a plan.  Next month, barring any cysts, we’ll start Cl.omid again.  We’ll continue freezing any embryos that we may have.  Then in December, we’ll stim to get any eggs to make embryos and transfer them with some thawed ones.

Dr. No Nonsense actually said that I could try to cycle even with a cyst.  The cyst may or may not grow with Cl.omid.

I am a little concerned about Cl.omid thinning my lining.  He asked me what the lining was at the last scan.  I said 8mm.  He thought that was perfect.  Don’t we want something higher than 9?  So he asked, “Do you want to make embryos?”  I said, Of course.  Then he said, We’ll use Cl.omid again.

I still have to digest transferring four embryos.  They are day two embryos so I understand why it may be a good idea.  My dear friend who lost two of her triplets asked me this very frank question:

“I am debating whether to even ask so I apologize if it comes across too personal, but have you given thought to selective reduction and how you would handle that?  I don’t even need an answer, but it is something you should at least give some thought to it have a general idea of where you think you would stand.”

I think that this is a very fair question.  There is a slim possibility that I could be pregnant with multiples.  But I also know that we’d be lucky if any of our embryos is chromosomally normal.  I know where I stand with selective reduction.  My goal is to strive for a healthy singleton pregnancy.  But if God has another plan, that’d be His choice.

So friends, here is THE plan.  I was notified by my nurse that the lab will be closed on December 21 and will not reopen until mid to end of January 2015.  I would really LOVE to do a transfer in December before the lab closes.

Let’s pray that cysts will not be found so we can cycle in November.  I am really ready to get pregnant in two months.  I am sure Bob feels the same way.  Only God will be able to have the power to make that happen.  We continue to choose to trust.  And we’ll continue to pray for the number four in terms of the number of embryos to transfer.  Bob and I would like to have complete peace with it before proceeding with the transfer.


21 thoughts on “Two Months Before Pregnancy?

  1. I like how your RE thinks. I’d follow his advice without hesitation so long as I could handle twins. The odds are against more than one making it so I would run this gamble. But it isn’t my decision. I have this strong sense that good things are yet to come for you and B. I’m excited to follow your progress over the coming months. I’m also sending you calm and peaceful thoughts as you work through the options before you and their implications. These are big decisions but luckily you have time before needing to make them. 8 mm is a good lining if trilaminar (3-stripe).


  2. Granted, we transferred two and not four, but as someone who never imagined multiples, I’m going to be 100% honest with you when I say it isn’t as hard as you fear it might be. We have found so many advantages to twins (built in buddy, on the same schedule to allow for rest time for us, etc) that having one seems odd to me. I realize of course triplets or quads are a whole different sorry but just wanted to throw that out there. Four is a bit of a shocking number but what your doc says does make sense as long as you know your stance on selective reduction. We are here for you no matter what happens!


  3. Wow that is a lot to consider, but it sounds like a great plan. I think I would have made the same choice too. Praying for no cysts in Nov and a successful cycle and perfect transfer!


  4. That is a lot to take in, but I think your attitude is very healthy and that you’ve considered all outcomes. This does sound so promising though and I’m so hopeful for you! I can’t wait to see what good things come your way! Sending you so much love and support!


  5. Wow, a plan and a timeline! so awesome! I understand your trepidation about transferring 4, but you have such a good decision making process I am sure you will find the right path. My only “advice” is to make these kind of decisions based on medical and scientific information, rather than emotionally. And of course based on your values, which you know very well. Wishing you the best and smooth cycles ahead!!


  6. Whew! Four! Wowzas! Hehe! Well since I believe life begins at conception will it be wrong of me to pray they all stick? Hehe. I don’t think God would want any of them to die so what happens if you have four? Kind of exciting! Xo


  7. Very exciting update! Praying for so many things for you but especially a healthy pregnancy. I hope it’s a singleton for your sake, but my opinion of twins has been improving over the last couple months. 🙂


  8. I wonder if Dr NoNonsense and Dr Somebody That I Used to Know are going to the same place as he’s also going to be gone for three weeks in Novemeber! He has also called me on his personal phone a few times and I decided that I couldn’t resist keeping the number in my back pocket for emergencies (like when I didn’t get called with an embryo update) but I added it to my contacts and erased all his prior messages so that I wouldn’t accidently butt dial him!


  9. That’s so exciting Isabelle–you could be pregnant so soon. Your RE is really great. Even though I’ve become adamant about just transferring one–it’s really because I expect to have very healthy embryos (please, please, please). I would definitely follow your REs recommendation, although the thought of four is kind of scary. I think my only hesitancy would be that it would be hard to have no embryos leftover. If it didn’t work, it would be nice to have one more chance and if it did work, it would be nice to think that there was a potential sibling waiting to be born.


  10. Overwhelming to weigh all of that, right? Exciting to have a plan and to think that very soon you could be pregnant, too! Praying for God’s perfect will for you! He has a plan, too!! xoxo


  11. 4 embryos is a lot but to be honest after spending a year doing transfers of embryos that looked good but didn’t stick (until recently), I can say I would have preferred to have them transferred in bigger lots..
    it would have saved us time and we would have got to the good ones earlier..
    the only thing that may be a disadvantage is if the doc has ideas on how to variate protocols for the transfer. But otherwise I think 4 is reasonable.
    wish you lots of luck!! xx


  12. Wow, you’re right, four does sound like a lot, but then again there’s a solid logic behind it with them being day 2 embryos. You could be knocked up by Christmas!!


  13. This post made me smile so big! I know God has a plan for you. Maybe twins? Only He knows, right? Also, my 3 year old was a FET, a 4-cell…Every day, I look at her with amazement. It wasn’t the “best embryo” they had ever seen but all it has to do is stick…and now she is a very healthy and happy kid. Sounds like you have a great team in place. Prayers to you!!!!


  14. so exciting for you. i’m 40 and my dr recommends we transfer back 3, so I totally understand what your doctor is saying by transferring back 4. we are also looking to just have a healthy baby!! I know it would be nice to have multiples, especially twins. I do feel bad as health issues and early pre-term delivery are such cons to carrying multiples. good luck and looking forward to hearing the rest of your journey!!


    • Thanks! I just hopped over to your blog and see that you’re in the middle of your second IVF. All the best to you! I see that your AFC is great and I hope that some nice eggs and embryos will be the result of your stims!


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