Moving Right Along, Hopefully

I realized I haven’t quite written about my five-minute post embryo cryopreservation phone consult with Dr. No Nonsense last Friday.

So as usual, he was late.  He was supposed to call me at 3pm but didn’t do so until after 3:15.  He of course apologized and I was like, Oh it’s okay, it’s kind of expected.  He was like, Ohhh don’t say that.  HA.

I don’t quite remember all the details.  Basically, he was pleased with the outcome of the last cycle as we did get three day-two embryos to freeze.  Bob was not able to join but wanted me to ask what made the difference this past cycle.  Was it the Cl.omid?  Was it the Estrace?  Doctor believes that Cl.omid does not fry the eggs like the other injectibles may.  And somehow it worked.  He said it was hard to know if it was Cl.omid, Estrace, or the combination of the two.  What I was the most concerned about was whether or not we could cycle again.  And Doctor said YES as long as there is no cysts.  Please please please no cysts.  I just want to be able to cycle over and over again to bank some more embryos.  Doctor likes the protocol and will not change a thing about it.  So Estrace started last Friday.  It has been a week now.

Doctor read over my notes and asked, “So we are going to do two cycles and then start transferring at the third cycle right?”  I told him that ideally not knowing how many embryos I would make each cycle, I was thinking doing three banking cycles and do a fresh cycle for the 4th one with thawing of some frozen embryos and transferring.  But I would also trust his opinion on this.  I asked him his thoughts.  He advised to evaluate one cycle at a time.  He reminded me that for each cycle, we expect zero, one, to two eggs.  I will keep that in mind.  I am still going to remain hopeful that the upcoming cycle will be similar to the one just now.  But it can also go the other direction.  We can be hopeful but we should also be realistic about things.

I received the huge quantity of meds that AC, one of my readers, so generously sent me.  I am so in awe of her kindness.  We are set for at least two cycles with enough Ganirelix to spare.  Thanks AC for your kind gesture and your kind words on the card.  🙂

The only medication that I was missing was the trigger shot.  Last cycle, I had to order from Fre.edom Pharmacy and was disappointed that they misquoted the price.  By the time I placed the order, the actual price was actually $20 more than what they quoted me.  So this cycle I decided to call around, find the cheapest price, and order from that pharmacy.  The one place that offered the cheapest price is on the east coast.  Preg.nyl was quoted to be $69.90 and Nov.arel was $80.  That would be $30 less than Fre.edom.   I also learned that anything under $100 would cost $10 for shipping.  So I asked my RE’s nurse to call in two orders of Preg.nyl for me so it’d only cost me $140 for the two doses with free shipping.

When I called to order, I was notified that the pharmacy ran out of Preg.nyl and would send me Nov.arel.  I was okay with that.  So extra $20 that is.  I made sure that I asked for two doses to be sent to me.  I made sure that it was free shipping over $100.  The lady on the phone said, Oh if you’re not in a rush, someone will call you tomorrow to place the order.  I was so puzzled about that suggestion.  I was on the phone right then and there.  Why didn’t she just process the order then?  So I said, I would prefer to do the order right now.  I noticed that she did not ask me for my email address so I had to request for the shipping information to be sent to me via email.  It was quite a process as I had to be on top of things and ask the right question.  I was told that I would receive the meds on Thursday.  It was Monday when I placed the order.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  I checked online if I was charged for the Nov.arel and found that instead of being charged for $160 for two orders, I was charged $90.  It looked like they had only sent me one dose and charged me the shipping cost.  If it was in the past, I would have been really mad.  But after going through this process for so long, I just thought, Okay I will receive the order and then call to reason with them.  But I can’t help but think that how incompetent it was for someone to mess up a simple order like that.

Well when Thursday rolled around and when I received the package, I felt that the incompetency reached a level of ridiculousness and I just had to laugh about it.  In a bin of many Fed.ex packages, I was looking for my name.  Instead of finding my own name, I found “Isabelle Thick” instead.  It was puzzling to me: Who is Isabelle Thick??? And it occurred to me that it was me.  Of course my last name is not Thick.  It’s a two-syllable name that begins with “T” and “H”.  I don’t know how they could mess it up so much that they dispensed to a person who did not exist.  On the box of the Nov.arel and my prescription, it also said “Isabelle Thick”.  Bob was like, What??? Thick?? Are they calling you fat or calling me fat??? Hahaha gotta love that boy.  He always cracks me up.  And yes, there was only one box of Nov.arel.  There were no needles included.

Well, things can be accomplished with a simple phone call and politeness.  I called the pharmacy and told them the mistakes that they made.  The lady kept on saying… Your name is not Isabelle Thick?  Of course lady.  I know what my name is.  After many many seconds, this guy came on the phone. I explained to him the problems.  He sounded like the person responsible for the pharmacy.  So he credited back the $10 shipping to me and would place the order for another Nov.arel without the shipping cost.  As for the needles, the guy said the doctor’s office did not order them.  Oh well, I have a bunch of needles so that should be fine.  And he promised to correct my name so I am not going to be associated with the word “thick” or “fat” or whatever.

AF should show any moment.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe on Sunday.  Please please please no cysts.  Please please.

I don’t know about you.  I am really ready for this next cycle.


9 thoughts on “Moving Right Along, Hopefully

  1. That whole story makes me so thankful for the pharmacy I used! They’re a 20 minute drive but I dealt with actual people with medicines in stock. Everything went so smoothly and nobody called me fat. 😉 Glad you are experienced enough to navigate all that without getting stressed out.


  2. I am so proud of you for staying calm and cool with the pharmacy and I am glad the presumed manager or pharmacist in charge took good care of you! Hoping for a cyst free cycle and the same fantastic results as last cycle. Hugs! ❤


  3. Wow, your poise is amazing! (Very inspiring, I had a complete meltdown month). Was curious, do you freeze all the embryos at Day 2 across all the banking cycles because the clinic believes this is the most stable time to freeze embryos (this is what I’ve been told). Do you transfer them also at Day 2?


    • Oh thank you! I have been blessed with calmness in the recent months. I hope to continue to have that when we go through the next few months. My RE and I discussed about when to freeze. In all of my previous cycles, my day 3 embryos were a little behind. The best ones (and the only ones that survived to day 5) were all 4-cell on day 3. So my RE thinks that it’s way better to put them back in on day 2 so to give them a better chance to grow in the uterus. And we will transfer on day 2.


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