MicroblogMondays: Accidental Pregnancy?


The After Visit Summary I was given post retrieval had one peculiar item:

“You should abstain from sexual intercourse until your next period is finished.  When you do feel comfortable with sexual activity, please be sure to use contraception in order to avoid accidental pregnancy.”

Bahahahahaha!  Me?  Contraception?  Accidental Pregnancy?

Didn’t they just take all of my eggs???

What irony.

(See Mel’s post to participate.)


10 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Accidental Pregnancy?

  1. Lol, if only if were that easy!

    I think that piece of advice may be more for donors than intended parents! They really should keep two different post-op instruction sheets. But then again, there could be several eggs still left and you could “accidentally” get knocked up with higher order multiples on top of the ones they transfer?! Unlikely, but hey – anything could happen, right? Either way, they really should work on their wording! 😉


  2. Interesting. I have never seen that warning before! I have had a conversation with the doctor about the potential success rate boost that activity can bring to FETs ( one study said it boosted chance of success), but it’s not recommended after egg retrieval for infection reasons.


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