Almost Trigger Time

At this morning’s scan, the follicles were 19mm, 16mm, 16mm, and 16mm.

At first the nurse practitioner couldn’t get a very good view of the three follicles on the left (the smaller ones).  The initial measurements were smaller, somewhere around 15 and 14 for two of them.  She found that if she pushed on my left ovary, we could get a better view.  She pushed and pushed and kept on apologizing.  It was making it a bit uncomfortable for me but I really appreciated her diligence in getting a better measurement.  After all the pushing and all the hard work getting the sizes correct, she was satisfied and thrilled to declare the the three smaller ones were all 16.

Look at the three follicles on the left side.  They all clustered together.

photo (33)

I am actually surprised that my left side has a few follicles.  Usually that’s the lazy side.

Both Bob and I are pleased with the result so far.  We are still aiming at one embryo.  Anything more is a bonus.

I waited and waited.  Nobody called me from the clinic.  I was a bit nervous because I didn’t have any more Ganirelix so I would need someone to call it in for me so I could pick it up right after work.  I finally called the clinic at around 4pm. Apparently the nurses were going down the list to call patients.  It shows you how big this clinic is and how many people they see.  The following are the instructions:

  • Do one Ganirelix between 5 and 6pm tonight (which was impossible as I still didn’t have the meds at 5pm.  The nurse said it was okay to do it by 7pm)
  • Trigger at 9pm tonight
  • Bob needs to ejaculate two to five days before retrieval.  So we’ll have to get busy tonight
  • Show up tomorrow to go over the questionnaire for anesthesia and other consent forms.  What??  What anesthesia?  I told her that I am not using anesthesia.  She said… Oh I didn’t know that.  This was the 5th time I have told someone at that clinic that I am not using anesthesia.  I wonder when they will actually have that down… anyways, I still have to show up tomorrow to sign other forms
  • Retrieval is scheduled for 8:45am on Saturday.  We will have to show up at 8am.  This means I cannot attend the bible study training.  😦

I quickly left work to pick up the Ganirelix once again.  This was the third time this week I have done that.  A very kind reader of my blog sent me an email out of the blue and offered to send me all of her unused meds from her successful IVF cycle.  I am so speechless at her kindness and generosity!  So next cycle I won’t have to scramble to find Ganirelix.  Thank you AC for such a generous gesture.

IVF #5, Banking cycle #1 is about to come to fruition.  I hope that all the hard work does not go to waste.  I can’t wait to see how the eggs are doing!


12 thoughts on “Almost Trigger Time

  1. Very exciting! I’m sure all the nurses realize that the ultrasounds are uncomfortable but it’s nice when they acknowledge it or apologize for extra finagling. Hope the retrieval goes well and doesn’t hurt too much. Very curious about how it is without anesthesia.


  2. That is awesome news! I know it’s the first step but very hopeful considering your previous cycles! I wouldn’t worry much about the anesthesia… I know some people go under completely but I didn’t. They just gave me some meds via IV that would make me a little sleepy and won’t remember (not sure if this also counts as anesthesia, I don’t think so…) but my husband says I was awake the entire time, talking to the doc. If that’s what you’re comfortable with, that’s what you go with! Good luck tomorrow!!!


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