Dare I say that the cycle has been going pretty well?  Did I just jinx myself?

At our second monitoring ultrasound yesterday (CD 10), we still had four follicles growing.  They were 17mm, 13mm, 11mm, and 11mm.  It seems like Cl.omid is doing its thing.  The nurse practitioner said Dr. No Nonsense was out at a seminar but he’d read my ultrasound and decide what to do.  I received a phone call in the afternoon.  The nurse said that Dr. No Nonsense would like me to do a Ganirelix to hold off ovulation and 150 IU of FSH.  I was afraid that it was going to happen this way.  I asked numerous times if we should order Ganirelix or Cetrotide but the nurses kept saying we wouldn’t know until later, and they didn’t want me to spend money on the meds until I had to.  Well, now I was told that I had to but I had no Cetrotide or Ganirelix.  So I had to go to a local pharmacy and paid a lot more money for Ganirelix at the last minute.  I don’t have pure FSH but I have Meno.pur, which is 75IU of FSH and 75IU of LH.  I was really hoping that the doctor would say it was okay to use that.  I was relieved to receive a phone call confirming that Meno.pur was perfectly fine to use so we don’t have to spend more money than necessary.  The tricky thing about getting meds last minute was that I had three clients scheduled in the afternoon and had to go to acupuncture right after work.  It was impossible for me to go pick up the meds before the acupuncture appointment.  Fortunately, my 4pm client’s mom was okay with rescheduling.  My acupuncturist did some electro-acupuncture to help boost the growth of the smaller follicles.

Last night was the first time in seven months that we did injections.  It all felt so familiar:

photo 1

Bob was a pro.  He got the two vials of Meno.pur mixed without any problem within a minute.

photo 2


I injected it and then the Ganirelix.  Then we were good to go.  No drama. No fuss.

Today the same nurse practitioner did the scan.  The follicles are now 18mm, 15mm, 13mm, and 12mm.  I thought that we were going to trigger tonight since the lead one is 18 already.  The nurse told me that I’d get a phone call later.  When I was putting on my pants, she knocked and said that Dr. No Nonsense was there and wanted to speak with us.  We entered into another little room and waited for him.  I was happy that he actually gave us some face-to-face time.  He came in with a big smile and said that the little trick that we did yesterday worked and the follicles are growing.  He actually wants us to push them for another day and do Ganirelix and Meno.pur for one more day.  We’ll trigger on Thursday and retrieve on Saturday.  I was a teeny tiny anxious about that because I didn’t want the lead follicle to grow too big before retrieval.  He said he would like to gamble.  I am usually not a gambler.  But, he is the doctor.  He is the expert.  I have to put my trust in him.

I had also been praying for the IVF schedule NOT to interfere with the bible study training schedule on Saturday (which is from 6:55am to 9am).  It would be a bummer to miss training.  But I have to do what I have to do.

So here we are.  I had to pick up another Ganirelix from the local pharmacy and paid more big money for it.  For a price of two of these, I could’ve bought three Cetrotide.  But it’s all for a good cause.  I checked my previous cycle’s stats (thank goodness for having a blog that I wrote down all the details).  Our lead follicle was 20.5 when we triggered.  So I think I am still safe.  We’ll go back for another scan tomorrow morning to find out more about the size.

You know, I am still aiming for one good egg, one good embryo.  Anything more is a bonus.  I think we’ll just keep this attitude.  Everything is in God’s hand.  God is in control and I’ll just sit in the passenger seat for the ride.  I am thankful that a few follicles are growing.  This is way better than what I had imagined.  I believe that God has a perfect number of eggs and a perfect number of embryos planned for us.  I can’t wait to see what that perfect number is.  We’ll find out on Saturday.


14 thoughts on “Gamble

  1. I had to pay last minute prices for Lupron as Misery told me not to order if we didn’t absolutely need it. Lesson learned, always have meds on hand, you can always try to sell to someone else!


  2. I’m pretty sure I never triggered until my lead follicles were 20mm or so. If you can get those other ones to at least 14mm then there’s a good chance they’ll be mature too, so I think that’s why your RE is waiting. Go follicles!!


  3. This is so exciting! Don’t worry about talking about the good things. Faith without works is dead and there is another verse that says, “we believed and therefore we have spoken.” Keep speaking the positive things going this cycle girlie 🙂 I am praying for you! xoxo


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