Finally, the Stress-Free Part of Vacation

Wow.  Can’t believe it’s been more than two weeks since I last blogged.  Sorry for leaving you all hanging after the family feud in India.  Compared to the craziness with Bob’s family in India, Hong Kong was totally stress free.  

I loved spending time with my dad, who is no doubt the coolest guy in the world.  He is almost 70 years old and is still full of energy.  He loves hiking and biking.  When we had other plans, he went ahead and hung out with his friends on the road biking or on the mountain hiking.  There was no pressure whatsoever in how we spent our time.  We were free to do whatever we wanted to.  We went hiking with him one day and we all had a great time.

Another highlight is a trip to Macau on April 30th for our third wedding anniversary, which was a gift from my father to us.  He booked the ferry tickets and one night of hotel for us to celebrate our marriage.  It was Bob’s first time being in Macau.  We walked around town, visited touristy sites, stayed at a very nice hotel, and had a wonderful Portuguese dinner to celebrate.  Image


We had pork, mussels, and sangria.Image


See how crowded the street was on May 1st, which was a holiday in China.  The streets were flooded with tourists.  Image


We went to the famous place for Portuguese egg tart but it was closed both on April 30th for their regular day off and May 1st for the holiday.  We had to have the second or even third best which was to just buy one from a random place on the street.Image


Macau definitely was a very memorable trip.

We also traveled to China this time.  This would also be the first time Bob had ever been to China.  My dad partnered with others to open a restaurant in Guangzhou China so this was our first time going there trying the food.  I was also looking forward to getting a massage there in Shenzhen as massages are very cheap.  We had one hour of foot massage and two hours of body massage.


We had very good Hunan food with a dish of stone pot fish:


We took the metro to my dad’s restaurant:


I gotta say the food was very good.  This is the shrimp toast that we had:


On the way back from China, we waited in line for customs.  I overheard an officer ask a woman from Mainland China a question, “Are you pregnant?”  To give you some background, Hong Kong has been inundated with pregnant women from China who come to give birth as Hong Kong provides a better condition for labor and delivery.  Hong Kong has been trying to prevent this situation by limiting the number of pregnant women from entering the city.  When I heard that question, all I could think of was that I could punch the officer if I were asked that question.  Plus, who in the world would answer “yes” if they really want to just come in and stay there to give birth?

Since we only had ten days in Hong Kong and were traveling to Macau and China, we barely had enough time to go shopping, visit with friends, or see relatives.  We did do all of those, but not nearly enough.  Before I met Bob, I would spend three weeks in Hong Kong and felt that I had a lot of time to just chill, play, and rest.  After we got married, we feel obligated to go to both places and my visit home has significantly cut short.  I am not complaining.  It’s our new way of life… But I would really love to be able to spend more time with my loved ones.  Fortunately, I saw my two grandmothers several times and got to visit with my 106-year-old great aunt.  Last time we visited Hong Kong, it was ten months after we got married.  My great aunt and my grandma at the time were asking why we still hadn’t had babies.  My grandma even joked that Bob shouldn’t go back to Hong Kong without a baby to show her.  This time, nobody asked any questions because they learned not to ask.  And my great aunt is no longer lucid enough to even keep track of who is who.  It just makes me sad that we have nothing to show for… I desperately want my beloved grandmother to hold my child… Although she’s still in great health, she is 95 years old after all.  I don’t really know if she’ll ever be able to meet my future children.  

We also spent quality time with my childhood best friend.  She has two daughters, one six years old and the other one three years old.  She and I hadn’t really talked on the phone in the past year as I was in my daze of fertility treatment and she was busy making money to support her family including her mother with dementia.  So this time we had a chance to sit down and talk a bit about what Bob and I have experienced in the past year.  One very interesting phenomenon is, none of my friends in Hong Kong with whom I have shared about the possibility of using donor eggs and donor embryos were fazed by these alternative ways of having a baby.  They discussed with me about their thoughts and all of them have the same thoughts as I do, that we would go the donor egg route before we would try donor embryos or adoption.  I am just surprised at how educated and how open my friends have become.  

Another highlight is my snake soup.  I know you may stop reading this blog after you read this, but I love my snake soup.  I grew up eating snake soup and I have to have my snake soup every time I go.  Unfortunately, Bob is very scared of snakes.  Poor guy.  He was traumatized sitting in the snake shop watching me eat my snake soup.  It’s a step forward from last time when he just stood outside of the shop refusing to go in.  Kudos to him. 😀


We were determined to catch the egg this time.  We are proud to say that we tried to do that once in India, once in Macau, and once in Hong Kong.  Imagine DTD with my dad next door.  EEEWWWW.  Too bad we didn’t get to do so in China.  Sad to say that we lost that egg since my period came a few days ago after a disappointing 20-day cycle.

On our final day, we went to the cemetery where both of my grandfathers rested.  It was good to introduce Bob to them.  This is the view looking out from grandpa’s place:


We also had a very nice dinner at grandma’s house:


On the way to the airport, it was raining cats and dogs.  In fact, the rain was so heavy that we experienced what they called amber rainstorm, red rainstorm, and black rainstorm.  You can read up about them here.  The two car accidents that I had in my life were both in the rain.  So needless to say I was extremely nervous.  At one point, we couldn’t see out of the windshield because of the rain water that was kicked up by these huge trucks that passed by our car.  I. Was. So. Scared.  My dad was brave and just maintained his composure to send us safely to the airport.  Also very grateful that he drove home safely.  Our flight was an hour delayed.  My lovely brother came to pick us up at 11:30pm.  My lovely mother welcomed us home with a very clean house with clean floor and clean bathrooms.  My family is just lovely.  

It hasn’t been too hard to get over our jet lag.  We slept through the night every single night and I went back to work okay.  However, every single evening I couldn’t keep my eyes open… I would doze off at 7:30pm every night.  Hence the reason you haven’t seen an update from me.  Finally I got some energy to write today.

I know the following is about India and not Hong Kong.  But I have got to share this.  We wanted to buy our future child something last time we were in India, but never actually did it.  So this time we were determined to find something and here is a shirt for our future child:



It is my hope that I can put this on our baby in the very near future.  

Oh, and I think Bob and his parents are still on speaking terms, so that’s a good sign that they will eventually totally reconcile.  





27 thoughts on “Finally, the Stress-Free Part of Vacation

  1. Glad to here from you again! Imagine telling your future baby about these adventures 🙂 I’ve grieved some this year, as nearly all my beloved grandparents passed away in the year before my baby was born. Still, my husband reminds me that they are taking care of our little ones that are already in heaven. Hopefully that is not the case for you, but either waY it will be okay. Big hugs to you!


    • Yeah I would love to be able to tell my baby in the future about these trips. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the grandparents. It’s very tough when you can’t will something into existence before time runs out. I hope my grandmas will live for a really long time.


  2. What a wonderful trip, I love the photos…its sounds to me like next time you should spend longer with your family…No matter what you do with bob’s parents they never seem happy so you should spend more time with the people that are happy to see you xx


    • Don’t think Bob will have any of that (meaning seeing his parents for shorter…) I actually will consider cutting my visit shorter and going to Hong Kong earlier on my own. He can stay with his parents for longer. That should be a good compromise.


  3. What an amazing trip, Isabelle! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and details. I understand the sadness about not being able to share news of a child with elderly relatives. My husband’s grandparents, who we were very close with, passed away before we could get pregnant. It’s still sad to think about the fact that we never got to tell them. I’m so glad you have such a wonderful family! Your dad sounds like a truly incredible person 🙂 I’m happy the trip was a success and that you made it back safe and sound. Welcome home!


  4. I’m glad you posted!! I had thought of you several times recently and was starting to worry about you a bit.
    I am so very jealous of those massages you guys had. I would dearly love a massage like that. I’m too cheap to pay for a massage. 😉
    All that food looks delicious. Especially that shrimp toast at your dad’s place. I was just talking to my sister the other day saying that I would definitely try snake. She was horrified. lol. What kind of flavor does it have?


    • So… I guess snake is supposed to be gamey? But the way Chinese people make snake soup, they put in a lot of ginger, and cook it with chicken and mushrooms. The meat has a texture of chicken. It’s just tasty. That’s all. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me!


  5. I got the same reaction from my friends during my last visit home when I told them about our plans for donor egg. They totally surprised me by being cool and non-judgey and supportive. It was a nice surprise! I’m glad you had such a great visit with your family. I know how it feels, the time always goes too fast. PS: I would totally try snake soup.


  6. Wow, those pictures look amazing! All that yummy food… And a 2 hour massage! Sounds like a wonderful holiday. It’s such a shame it was hard with Bob’s family, but I’m glad you had a good time hanging out with yours. Glad to see you back 🙂 x


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