A Word From Bob

Hi! This is Bob “the purse toting dude” that my dear wife talked about in the previous post. I have been put on an enforced break (read unemployed) as some of you might have gathered from my wife’s previous posts. This has meant that I have more time to think about everything including anticipating our upcoming trip to India and Hong Kong! I’m over the moon that I get to see family. With that said, I have been battling a curious feeling wherein I feel more positive about going to Hong Kong than India. I believe that this might be related to how my relationship with my parents changed after I started going to church and started dating Isabelle. I chat with them on the phone every week during which we have the same disagreements/arguments. Their take is that I have made their life miserable by marrying someone that’s not from the same religion & caste. One of the consequences of these disagreements is that I have never felt that it’s safe to share about out fertility struggles with my parents. The relationship that I now have with them seems to be shallow in the sense mentioned previously. The engineer in me wants to “fix” this problem but I know that we need God to intervene and heal this relationship. I will have to make this a point of emphasis in my prayers. 

In the meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the rich blessings that have been poured into my life which includes going for a walk on the beach with my wife on one hand and a rather stylish looking purse in the other!


14 thoughts on “A Word From Bob

  1. Praying for you both; for baby, your upcoming trip, family relations and your job! I’m so glad you’ve both been able to enjoy a little more time together! Your wife is such a beautiful person and you both sound like such a wonderful couple!


  2. Wow, how amazing to hear from the DH! I’ve never heard from a DH yet on a blog. Love it. I married a man whose parents are Korea natives and who definitely did not accept me the first year of our relationship, so I really feel for what you two are going through. We do not feel comfortable sharing things with them about our journey, either, and do indeed feel that the relationship is rather shallow–but DH assures me that it’s for the best, that they just couldn’t handle the details. At least now they accept me, and there has been some healing and slight warming in recent months. I guess it just takes (a lot) of time. Good luck with that, I wish it were easier.


    • Your comment had me nodding my head in agreement. Thanks for sharing your experience. While not sharing about life may be for the best, it’s still hard for the two of you. I hope that your relationship as well as that of your husband continues to grow and mature so that it becomes even more enjoyable (soon)!


    • Aramis: Thank you! I’m flattered that there are bunch of ladies out there who think that I’m awesome. Please continue to share your thoughts with my wife over here.


  3. No suggestions for how to deepen your relationship, but I do have a, well, catchphrase, I guess for when I want to shut down conversations I’m done with, “Thank you for your opinion.”
    So if you ever hear me use that in a conversation, you know I’ve reached my saturation point and I will not engage further. 😦


    • Hi Hi! I think I might want to try out your “Thank you for your opinion” method at some point. I need to come up with something like that in my native language!


  4. Hi Bob, nice reading ur blog,I am a tamilian and an only child and I am on the same path struggling to have my bundle of joy.pls stand up for ur wife and do not let down ur parents as well.it must be tough for them as well to accept give them some time and lot of love ,things will turn around.


    • Hi Vedha,

      Thanks for stopping by my wife’s blog and commenting on my post. Also, thanks for the words of wisdom. They are going to serve me well over the near & distant future as we hope and pray for complete acceptance. On a lighter note, I don’t think my parents have accepted the “new” (read adult) me completely so it might be take awhile :).


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