One of the “Perks”

There had been a few things that I wanted to do with Bob but never got to do. Since he had always worked in the South Bay and wouldn’t come home until at least 7:30pm, we didn’t ever get to do anything of these things. One of them was to hang out with him after work. I always envisioned myself meeting up with him at Ocean Beach and taking a walk with him on the beach before both of us heading home.

This small dream came true yesterday:


I know we are in a difficult situation of losing a job and trying to find a job.  It could be a little silly to be “happy” about being able to hang out on the beach when one does not have a job.  But, it is what it is.  And since this is the reality, I feel that it’s okay to celebrate the facts that we have each other, we are healthy, we like hanging out with each other, we have the time now, and we live so close to the beach.  So for now, I would like to enjoy the “perks” that this season of life has given us, including having the time to take a walk on the beach when we feel like it.  We walked hand-in-hand with our down jackets on.  Our shoes were filled with sand.  We chatted about his day and  my day.  We talked about potential jobs and leads.  We laughed.  We kissed.  It was magical. 

Nothing better than a purse-holding husband who also tries his best to enjoy life during this season of challenges.


27 thoughts on “One of the “Perks”

  1. You are so inspirational! This sounds like a perfect ending to your day! hugs girlie! I have always heard that how you wait during a trial, determines how long you wait. I think you are waiting well 🙂 xoxo


  2. I agree with Elisha, you are so graceful in your waiting, and an inspiration. Love that you were able to share this precious time with your husband in the fulfilling of a dream:-)


  3. I don’t think it’s silly at all–you two deserve to have some time to love and cherish each other. And there’s no reason not to soak up and enjoy every minute of that.


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