It’s Like Finding Gold

What am I talking about?  I am talking about finding treasure somewhere unexpectedly.

So it goes like this.  

Remember I talked about all the weddings that will happen this year in the last post?

One of my friends had a wedding shower yesterday.

She is the one who moved away out of state and will get married in June.  Her bridesmaids arranged for a wedding shower for her so that she can introduce her fiance to many who hadn’t met him.

I intended to buy her a shower gift.  Online search showed that the one item that I wanted to get was in stock.

This little thing is a garlic keeper.  So it required a little bag rather than a big bag.

Being cheap and not wanting to spend money on buying a gift bag, I searched in a pile of bags from previous gifting.

I found a nice silver bag.  On the tag it said that it was a Christmas present from one of my therapy kids’ moms last December.

It was perfect for the garlic keeper.

It even had tissue paper inside.  

Then, I spotted an envelope inside the bag.  Something that I had never seen or noticed when I received the gift.

Here is what I found:


A Christmas card.  And a $25 giftcard!

Isn’t it like finding Gold?

And the weird part?  Turned out the garlic keeper wasn’t in stock after I called the store.  Why did it say it was?  The store person couldn’t give me an answer either.  We didn’t get to buy it.  So I didn’t get to use the bag.

The moral of the story?  Always look through the whole bag when you receive a present.

And this giftcard is going to fund a maxi skirt that I want to buy at  

See who is grinning from ear to ear?


On a side note:

One of the bridesmaids of my friend had a huge tummy and a two year old with her yesterday.  After all the conversations yesterday, I gathered enough to know this:

This bridesmaid got married about a month or two after my wedding.

Her son was born 10 months after that.

She is going to give birth end of June, again.

So if we had gotten pregnant right after our wedding, we could have a two year old like the cutie pie that we saw yesterday.

Would’ve been nice, wouldn’t it.

I know that I shouldn’t compare.  I have my own path.  But for three hours, I was reminded of what I really really really want and what I don’t have yet.  It was tough.



5 thoughts on “It’s Like Finding Gold

  1. Score! What an unexpected find! I also have a friend who is lapping me. She starting TTC about 6 months before I did and had an early miscarriage. A week or so after I removed my IUD she had a BFP that became baby #1. When I miscarried after IVF#1 she announced she was expected baby #2, who will probably be born before I am pregnant. We both know that it shouldn’t matter, but it’s hard when there is such a tangible marker of what they have achieved in the same time that you have been trying.


  2. That happened to me once! I thought one of my after-school care kids gave me a nice dishtowel for Christmas but it was actually a cutest way of wrapping a gift card. I love unexpected finds like that!


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