Being Loved and Cared For

I feel so loved.

A fellow leader from my bible study group learned of my loss during the retreat.  We were not close but the retreat brought us closer together.  When I saw her at the meeting last Saturday, she told me to go out with her to her car on my way out.  She handed me a paper bag.  I looked inside.  There was a card and this:


I was so touched.  The orchids has definitely brightened my life as well as my garden window in the kitchen.

And then this came in the mail yesterday:


I was so so so so so shocked and very very very surprised.  In that big box, there were six tubs of Schulzies bread pudding of three different flavors.  It came totally out of the blue.  Schulzies is a bread pudding shop in San Francisco with 108 flavors.  When you go to the shop itself, it’s like buying ice cream.  You order a scoop, then you get it in a cup.  

I looked at the note that was attached.  It was from two very special ladies.  One of them was my friend who lost her baby at 16 weeks.  I mentioned about her in my last post.  The other one was our other friend who struggled to get pregnant for three years and finally gave birth to her second child.  I met them on the Taking Charge of Your Fertility website (TCOFY) a few years ago.  We all became good friends.  The note said:

“We wanted you to feel the love even from a distance.  Thinking of you and sending warm healing hugs, R & A”

I almost cried.  They are so thoughtful.  They knew that my favorite dessert is bread pudding and they found a local store to buy me a lot to cheer me up.  I was stunned and speechless.  I am still stunned at the thoughtfulness and generosity of these ladies.  Thank you R and A.  You ladies sure know how to take good care of me.  Deepest gratitude from my heart.

And finally, I also loved and cared for myself.  I needed new bras.  But my boobs became so much bigger during the last IVF cycle due to the side effect of the progesterone suppositories.  I was also waiting to see if I was pregnant… If I was, then I would  need different bras.  Well, turned out the pregnancy didn’t last.  So instead of waiting, I bought myself some new bras that came yesterday.  I was going to take some photos and show them.  Well, everyone knows what a bra looks like.  I decided against it.  But I just really want to take good care of myself as well.  The bras and the bread pudding arrived at the same time. 🙂  

Taking good care of my self and being cared for by others feel so good.



16 thoughts on “Being Loved and Cared For

  1. You have such sweet friends! Enjoy your bras and bread pudding girlie!! HUGS!!! xoxo

    He settles the barren woman as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord! Psalm 113:9


  2. Its so wonderful to have loving and caring friends! Beautiful gifts from them all and I am glad they were able to brighten your days. Glad to see you are taking care of you too! Thinking of you and praying for you! xo


  3. Oh Isabelle–you have such wonderful people in your life. It must be so nice to be surrounded by such love and caring. And I’m glad that you took care of yourself–you deserve it!


  4. Bras and bread pudding…sounds like a wonderful name for a lifestyle blog! I love that your friends are taking such good care of you. You deserve it. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must Google and see if Toronto has a bread pudding restaurant…


  5. That is the sweetest thing ever—I’m SO glad you have these supports in your life! Isn’t it wonderful to get surprised? The other day, an amethyst fertility bracelet showed up in my mailbox, no note saying who it was (I found out later). Of course I’ll never take it off. These things mean so much. Keep taking good, good care. XO!


  6. Wow, you have some amazing friends there! It’s great to get support and I’m glad you have all you need and of course your husband’s. We definitely need to take care of ourselves during all of this or we’ll get lost in infertility. xoxo


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