Grow Eli Grow!

Embryo Eli is growing!  Today it is a two cell grade one embryo.  Clay and Daisy were both two cell grade one at this point.   I am trying to take it one day at a time and celebrate the fact that Eli decides to grow.  The great thing is that I wasn’t even thinking about an update from Dr. E this morning.  I got to work, checked my email, and saw a subject line that said “It’s growing!! :)”  Gotta love my RE’s enthusiasm.  She said she’s stoked.  I am too. 🙂

Of course we won’t know how Eli will turn out in the next couple of days.  I emailed Dr.E yesterday about a day three or a day five transfer.  She said that to check if an embryo is not chromosomally normal, we could use the blast culture as a filter.  From what she said, I am assuming that an embryo that doesn’t grow beyond day three or day four in the blast culture would be abnormal.  So it seems like we’re waiting until day five.  If Eli becomes a blastocyst, we’ll definitely put it back.  If it’s a morula, we will put it back with Clay as well.  At least that’s the plan for now.  Dr. E said that if this IVF lab sucked, it’d be a different story as she’d say “Get that embryo home ASAP!!!”  But since she thinks that this lab is the “best ever”, then I’ll take her word for it that the blast culture won’t kill an embryo that would otherwise grow in my uterus.

Thank you Lord!  I am trying not to get ahead of myself.  But this is definitely good progress.  Hoping and praying!


14 thoughts on “Grow Eli Grow!

  1. Grow Eli!
    (I think the jury is still out on whether embryos that stop growing in the lab between days 3 and 5 are actually abnormal, there may be other reasons… and, unfortunately, even if they make it to day 5 they can be abnormal But I hope this won’t be your problem!)


  2. Yay! So very happy for you and the husband…this is really, really great news! Sending warm, growing thoughts to the lil’ one…so he/she will be there to make a perfect trio with mom. Congrats, doll!


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