Update IVF #4, Follicle Check #1

After processing the information in my head for a day and talking to various people, I am feeling okay about things.

I was doing pretty well going into the appointment, although I was still a bit anxious.  My blood pressure was quite high and my pulse was super fast.  Dr. E wasn’t there so her physician’s assistant did my scan.  My lining measured at 7mm.  She saw one big follicle on the right ovary, measuring about 13 to 14 mm.  She searched and searched and finally found the left ovary and saw two significantly smaller follicles that could be about 6 to 7mm.  A lot smaller.  She drew my blood and told me to start Ganirelix tonight.  Since I only have Cetrotide, I’ll use that to prevent ovulation.  She would consult with Dr. E about the follicles and the Estradiol level before she contacts me about the next step.

I walked out there feeling okay.  Not jumping up and down with joy but okay.  It is what it is.  This feels very differently than last time.  Last time I was in shock that there was only one follicle.  This time one dominant follicle seems to be my reality and I need to think about what to do with the information.  I called up Bob and we chatted about what to do.  We haven’t officially made a decision yet but we both seem to want to proceed with egg retrieval and gamble our money.  If each time we will have only one follicle, then I won’t expect anything more than that.  Maybe it’ll be worth it to see if that one egg will turn into one good embryo.  

In the afternoon, I got news from the clinic that my Estradiol level was 281.6.  Apparently after four days of stimulation, that was good.  According to one of my friends, the E2 level should be over 200 after 5 days of stims.  We have only done four days.  So according to people who know their stuff, my E2 level is very good.  I’ll take their word for it.  Dr. E didn’t even mention anything about cancelation in her email.  She will see me on Monday for a second scan.  We’re looking into Wednesday or Thursday for retrieval.

So here we are.  I am thankful that my E2 level is good.  I am glad that the Lord has been keeping my emotions in check.  My husband keeps reminding me throughout the day that it’s in God’s timing, and that we need to keep the faith and believe that good things are in store.  I am feeling grateful that I have a chance to try and am keeping hopeful that this can turn into a good cycle if the egg fertilizes.  Heck, the other two follicles may even catch up.  Really, no one knows but God.  


14 thoughts on “Update IVF #4, Follicle Check #1

  1. Most of the time I want to punch the people who say, “It only takes one,” in the face – because I know the odds would be better with more than one. With that said – I hope that one follicle produces the best gosh darn egg and that you will have a stellar embryo. *Hugs*


  2. I like your last line- no one really knows but God! I agree maybe those two little guys could catch up, but if not the size of the dominant follie plus your lining look wonderful for 4 days of stims! Praying for you!


  3. This is how my ERs always go. One dominant follicle, but often times those little ones can catch up. Also, they may let your big one get too big in order to get the two little ones to mature. But your E2 numbers are so good! Fingers crossed that things progress well!


  4. Love your attitude!! Keep expecting (hoping) good things for this cycle and trust in God…hoping and trusting in God will not disappoint. He has the perfect miracle waiting for you!! I can’t wait to see pictures of him/her one day!


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