Bob the Pro

So… My period came yesterday.  The luteal phase was only 12 days this time, which kind of confirmed that maybe my basal body temperature spiked a couple of days after ovulation as my usual luteal phase is 14 days.  I emailed Dr. E to ask about the next step. She said she’d send me a calendar today.  Today came and there was no sign of said calendar from Dr. E at 5pm.  I usually wouldn’t want to be pushy, but I do want to know what the plan is.  So I emailed her.  She actually thought that she had already sent me the protocol and calendar.  In my mind, I thought she was going to prescribe Femara to me, alternating two pills and three pills and then add Menopur on day five.  But apparently she had other plans for me.  I received two options.  One is to do pure injectibles, meaning four vials of Menopur a day.  The second option is to take three Femara for five days and start Menopur on day four or five.  She asked me which option I felt like doing and my gut was telling me.  

I never thought that I would have a say in what protocol I would like to use.  I sat there minutes before I had to leave work to go to my Bible study and had to quickly make a decision.  I considered quickly the two protocols.  Our first IVF brought us the most success (one frozen day 6 blastocyst) and it was that protocol that we used four vials of Menopur.  The difference is, I had 6 antral follicles at the time and this time I don’t really know how many follicles I have.  The second option with Femara happened to be the same as the second and third IVF cycles, which yielded poor results.  One gave us embryos that didn’t grow.  The other one gave us one follicle.  What did my gut tell me?  My gut told me to go with the protocol with four vials of Menopur a day.  I quickly wrote back Dr. E.  She said that was her gut feeling as well.  So that was the decision making process: gut feeling. 🙂

I emailed Bob who enthusiastically said, Let’s do it!  I had to change my plans for tonight.  I led my group discussion and left early without listening to the lecture.  I still had 26 vials of Menopur left.  Bob was watching a cricket game online, India vs. New Zealand.  I took out all of the Menopur vials and the Omnitrope vial, sterilized all of them, and set out the syringes.  Bob began to draw out the liquid and started mixing the powder.  I sat there and watched him.  He was keeping an eye on the score on the computer screen while mixing the meds.  I found it so amusing to watch him do both at the same time.  I still remember six months ago when we were doing the same thing for our first IVF cycle.  I wiped the table and laid everywhere out in an orderly manner for him.  He was very focused and did everything meticulously without any distraction.  Compared to the very first time when table was free of any non-IVF related stuff, the table this time was chaotic.  It had my laptop, his laptop, a Bible, a water bottle, two placemats, my cup, Menopur packaging, and other miscellaneous items.  This time, it felt like second nature to him.  He knew exactly what to do and did it like a true pro.  It’s definitely NOT a skill that I would want him to master since it means that we have done it one too many times.  The upside of it is that at least I won’t worry about him spilling anything on the table.  Every drop is worth a lot of money.

So here is it guys.  IVF #4 has begun.  I feel pretty good.  We shall see what these Menopur vials can do for us.  We’ll find out more on Friday.



36 thoughts on “Bob the Pro

    • He said he was more concerned about the cricket score. 😉 He said it was his job. When I learned how to mix, I accidentally spilled the liquid and from then on I was traumatized. Great that he stepped up and has been doing it for me since then.


  1. Hey, good luck! I’ll tell you that Dr. Davis (Cornell) wanted to do 4 vials Meno (instead of 2) to replace some of the Follistim because they had just completed an in-house study that showed an improvement in outcomes that way. I’m totally rooting for you 🙂


  2. I love having the hubbies involved in mixing and giving the shots, it at least is a bit of a way to keep them involved. Sending lots of positive thoughts for this cycle for you!


  3. I think you went with more than just a gut feeling. I mean, you had actual evidence from past cycles on which to judge the potential results of each, and you went with the one that gave you the best results in the past. Good luck!


  4. Yay, this is exciting! Your hubby really does sound like a pro 🙂 I think it’s great that your RE let you decide on the game plan. Hoping you have a great response!


  5. I think your body and mine must be on the same wavelength – I had 2 fewer days this luteal cycle as well! Will be thinking about you as you begin this next cycle and hoping that it goes fabulously!


  6. I’m the same way, totally meticulous and paranoid that something would go wrong. Now it’s much more of a non-event. It kind of sucks that we’re at the point, but you know, what doesn’t kill us…


  7. Exciting!! I feel like I started my protocol weeks ago (with BCP and lurpon) but since you started on the 26th, you’re only 3 days behind me on stims!

    My husband’s the same. It took him a long time to figure out what’s what and now, he gets the follistim pen out of the fridge, gives me everything I need while I sit at the table.

    Good luck and prayers to both of us!!


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