This Makes Me Happy

One of the things I like living in the Bay Area is its proximity to the ocean.   I love looking at the ocean.  It makes me feel good.  Those few times when our IVF cycles were not going well, we went together to watch the waves.  Somehow things looked brighter again when we were facing the ocean.  From my house, there are a few routes that I can choose for my daily commute to work.  Recently I have been choosing this route:



I have been craving this view every morning.  Once I turn onto Great Highway, this view of the Pacific Ocean just makes my day better.  I often wonder what the ocean looks like daily.  Choppy waves?  Calm?  Once I pass this point, I start my daily prayers to the Lord, giving thanks to Him and intercede for those who are around me and physically far from me.

Tonight, on my way back, I realized that it was still bright out and I could still catch the dusking sky.  So I went on the same route back home.  This was the view I got to see:



I love it here.  Life is so much better when we can slow down and enjoy the view, whatever that is pleasing to your eyes.

Just thought I’d share. 🙂


30 thoughts on “This Makes Me Happy

      • I am! Born and raised in the East Bay. I live on Oahu at the moment but it is so expensive for anyone to come visit that I haven’t seen my friends or family in over a year and I spend all of my free time and money on infertility treatments. And I miss the the Bay Area and all of its diverse food and places to drive! Again, thanks for sharing the pictures 🙂


  1. Yes, something so soothing about the ocean, and it’s especially beautiful along that central/northern California coast. We’ve been there so many times and keep coming back for more!


  2. I don’t think I realized you lived near San Fran. That is my favorite place in the whole world-I’ve been something like 10 times in my life and my mother knows the bus system as well as most of the locals. Love, love, and more love.


  3. Gorgeous. I grew up in the northwest and I miss the natural beauty. I mean, sure, every place has its beauty. But I miss the water and I miss the mountains. Enjoy the view!


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